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Essential reading for new starters looking to get into the mining and resource industry in Australia.

How to get into mining? A collection of mining articles and information by iMINCO Mining Information for new starters in the mining and resource industry. Getting a start in any industry requires learning about that industry in-depth which will greatly increase your chances of getting a job. When you have the right knowledge, your task of convincing your prospective employer that you are the right person for the job suddenly becomes a lot easier. When you possess the knowledge, you have a little more power and confidence within yourself to effortlessly talk your way through an interview and make a lasting impression. This series of mining articles covers a wide range of topics related to the resource sector in Australia and will help you to build your general knowledge about the industry.  

Multi Skilled Dozer/Haul Truck Operators - DIDO Gladstone | Contract | Full-Time | Dozer/Dump Truck Operators Callide Coal Mine Call... » [read more]

Mining Job Ads Soar 27% on SEEK The Mining, Resources & Energy industry leads the way a 21.7% increase in job ads compared to the same t... » [read more]

Adani starts huge advertising campaign for 'fair go' on Carmichael mine Indian energy giant Adani has launched an advertising blitz asking o... » [read more]

Adani launches new advertising campaign Carmichael mine Indian energy giant Adani has launched a new heavy-hitting advertising campaign screamin... » [read more]

  The top Australian mining job salaries - how much can you expect to be paid? This year is going to be a huge year for mining, with bil... » [read more]

Adani Downer Civil Operators Carmichael mine jobs Graders * Dozers * Scrapers  * Water Carts * Excavators * Dump Trucks * Roller... » [read more]

Trade Assistant Torque Recruitment-Pilbara WA Permanent Torque Recruitment Group are currently seeking mine site experienced Trade Assistants wh... » [read more]

Shut down maintenance Savage Engineering Pty Ltd - Perth WA ABOUT US West Australian service provider that is looking for new team members to ... » [read more]

Mech Fitters, Boilermakers and Trade Assistants 2 week Shutdown Big Hours Great Rates KPR Recruitment are a Specialist Engineering... » [read more]

Excavator Operator Excavator Operators 7/7 D/N Roster DIDO with Immediate Start The team at Stellar Workforce would lik... » [read more]

Australian mining companies, even to this day will hire you for jobs in the mines even if you have little or no mining experience. They will t... » [read more]

[one_half][/one_half] [one_half_last] An Australian mining job - thousands of people want one! The money is great, the lifestyle (if you can ... » [read more]

Mining jobs.. everyone wants one, especially a job that require no previous experience in mining. The big question is how do you get an en... » [read more]

The mining industry in Australia currently offers a wide variety of mining jobs to skilled and unskilled workers looking to get into the mine... » [read more]

7 Top Tips To Landing Entry Level Mining Jobs Recently when speaking to a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for the mining industry Ind... » [read more]

MINING JOBS NO EXPERIENCE What you need to know about mining jobs Coal and iron ore mining in Australia is set for a comeback - are you ready... » [read more]

Find SEEK jobs in the Mining, Resources and Energy Sector SEEK is Australia's number one job site with over 150,000 jobs online and has around... » [read more]

[three_fourth]Entry level mining jobs in Australia may include a variety of positions that typically require no previous experience in the mines.... » [read more]

Learning how to get into a mining job with no experience is easier than most people may think. The mining industry in Australia offers mining ... » [read more]

Treasury officials supposedly banned from meetings between Adani and the Department of State Development As the proposed Adani Carmichael mi... » [read more]

Mining jobs in Australia are going through a new phase and that`s good news for anyone looking for a mining job in Australia. Mining companies... » [read more]

Just because you don`t have mining job experience, doesn`t mean you are not going to get that much-desired job in the mines. It may be hard t... » [read more]

One of the proven methods of getting mining jobs at BHP Billiton is to learn as much as you can about the company. Of course, many people wait... » [read more]

Risk assessment and management is a daily event for almost every person working in the Australian mining industry. We say "almost everyone', b... » [read more]

The mining jobs NSW outlook has for the most part been pretty good over the past few years. With the abundant coal resources in the state, the... » [read more]

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These are the top 5 mining, oil and gas jobs in terms of median earnings in 2012. These statistics were gathered by the Australian Government`s D... » [read more]

There are a number of different cleaning jobs in Australian mines and the choice of career can be varied. Here, you can learn about these posi... » [read more]

The mining jobs Australia has to offer range from the basic entry-level position to trades, technical and management levels . There is a minin... » [read more]

When it comes to landing high-paying mining jobs, WA mines have many to offer. Literally hundreds of thousands of people are employed in the W... » [read more]

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Dump truck operators and drivers The dump truck operator is one of the most advertised jobs on the internet. We're seeing jobs growth in Queen... » [read more]

When it comes to mining jobs, Australia has a lot to offer in terms of locations and the number of mining companies to choose from. Here, you ... » [read more]

Mining Jobs A new Bowen Basin mine project has been given the go-ahead to start drilling to locate a massive coking coal deposit. The Consuel... » [read more]

You might think that the resume you send to a company in relation to a job advertisement is going to be read by a person such as a Human Resource... » [read more]

List of Queensland Mining Companies The number of mining companies in Queensland is staggering, which is not suprising considering the huge ... » [read more]

Mine sites are a hive of activity, with various types of machinery and vehicles of all sizes sharing access roads, loading ramps and haul ways. ... » [read more]

Entry level mining jobs; you've all heard of them, but how do you get one? Even though most of the mining jobs advertised in Australia`s mining... » [read more]

Great job prospects, a booming mining industry, on the job training and warm sunny weekends to help you relax. No wonder so many people are rushi... » [read more]

The Australian mining industry is still moving forward. The demand for jobs outweighs the candidates available to fill them, and that presents... » [read more]

Every now and again we get letters from people who are actively working in the mining industry, who want to share their experiences. So we t... » [read more]

Plenty of jobs, a booming industry, good prospects and topped off with beautiful beaches, the Great Barrier Reef, fun in the sun and vibrant citi... » [read more]

Where to start looking for LNG jobs Australia. The boom in demand for Australian natural gas from Asia, and the development of new sources such ... » [read more]

The Main Challenges   Landing an entry level mining job can be a tough challenge. We  have summarised the main challenges below to hel... » [read more]

The chances of you landing a start in the mining industry at entry level mining jobs level obviously depends on your skills, experience and "".... » [read more]

You need to do everything you can to put yourself at the front of the queue for entry level mining jobs - no matter who you are or what type... » [read more]

Federal Resources and Energy Minister Gary Gray has reprimanded critics of the Australian mining investment climate, says a recent report in Mini... » [read more]

Whitehaven is the leading coal producer in NSW's Gunnedah Basin. They are scaling up underground longwall coal mining operations in Narrabri and ... » [read more]

Stanmore Coal is an Australian-based public company focused on the exploration and development of export coking, PCI and thermal coal deposits ... » [read more]

Following large contracts won in WA last year, mine infrastructure construction specialist Decmil has been awarded contracts worth $71 million fo... » [read more]

The major commodities of  liquefied natural gas and coal seam gas, coal and iron ore  are still being explored and new projects are always in t... » [read more]

A recent study sponsored by the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) shows the mining industry in Australia has made big investments in training w... » [read more]

Xstrata: Taking Careers In Mining To A New Level Xstrata careers in mining are not your average path that most in the industry take. That`s bec... » [read more]

Explore The Jobs Xstrata Has To Offer Xstrata jobs span a wide range of fields, locations and even commodities. This is one place where you wil... » [read more]

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What You Need to Know About Unskilled Mining Jobs Are you just like the many thousands of people who don't have a the luxury of a degree or re... » [read more]

Thiess Jobs " An Overview Thiess is one of the leading mining and construction companies in Australia. It is also one of the largest employers ... » [read more]

Standard 11 Induction Training " Ticket To A Mining Career If you are interested in a career in mining and wondering how to get started, here i... » [read more]

A Beginner`s Guide to Mining Training Mining is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. Especially, the industry is thriving i... » [read more]

Work Your Way Into Mining Quickly With Mining Traineeships Mining traineeships are just one of many ways that employers make it easier to get yo... » [read more]

Mining Companies - your research starts here Don't miss out on the 1000's of mining jobs in construction and operations when it all starts thi... » [read more]

What Is Oil Shale? This oily type of rock was formed millions of years ago when silt and organic material was deposited on ocean and lake beds.... » [read more]

Oil shale mining has beenhappening since prehistoric times Why? Because it's a "rock" that burns without any processing.Oil shalewas also us... » [read more]

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