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Adani launches new advertising campaign Carmichael mine

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Adani launches new advertising campaign Carmichael mine

Indian energy giant Adani has launched a new heavy-hitting advertising campaign screaming at the Palaszczuk government to give them a “fair go” and approve its $2 billion Carmichael mine in the Galilee Basin, QLD,

Adani are keen to get cracking with the Carmichael Mine  but is getting more and more frustrated with the lack of approvals by state and federal governments for the Cental Queensland Carmichael mine and rail project in the Galilee Basin, which will generate thousands of jobs in regional Queensland.

“It’s time the Queensland government gave Adani a fair go”.

Despite the delays, Adani executives have vowed to keep chipping away and have strong intentions to force the issue to be sorted out before the next election.

But, the Palaszczuk government said it won’t be forced into making rash decisions on Adani and its proposed Galilee Basin thermal coal mine, until all appropriate assessments had been finalised.

Adani said recently it’s launching digital billboards across Brisbane and regional Queensland with this message, “It’s time the Queensland government gave Adani a fair go”.

Radio, television, newspapers and a score of office elevators in office blocks across Brisbane will also be targeted in the campaign, which points the finger at Palaszczuk’s government, hinting a changing of goal posts to delay the final decisions on the Adani thermal coal mine.

Local Mining Communities Are Frustrated – Adani Carmichael Mine

Adani Mining chief executive Lucas Dow said literally thousands of Queensland mining jobs at Adani and much-needed investment was being held back by the Palaszczuk government.

Adani are ready to go. They have the money, they have 14,500 people who expressed an interest in working at the Carmichael mine, said the Adani spokesperson.

“Adani Carmichael Mine has all the approvals and now only needs for the government to get out of the way.”

Mr Dow said regional communities were at the stage where these delays were so frustrating, saying they needed the mining jobs that would stem from opening up the Adani Carmichael Mine, whihc would literally create a new frontier in the Galillee Basin.

“The desperation for these jobs is real. My team receives inquiries on our email, website and social media channels every day,” he said. The company said 14,500 people had lodged expressions of interest

Adani was ready to start construction on the Carmichael thermal coal mine before Christmas 2018 after it secured the cash to develop the mine (even though it was a scaled back version). There are only two environmental management plans needing sign-off – and there’s still been no action.

A spokesman for the Palaszczcuk government said due process was being undertaken on the assessment of the Carmichael mine and would not be subject to political interference.

“How Adani spend their money is a matter for them,” the spokesman said, in relation to the company’s advertising campaigns.


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