How to interview for a mining and resource sector job

Interview Tips

Mining job interview tips

Here’s what’s inside the book

  • What essential research you MUST do before the interview
  • What to take along with you that will floor the interviewer
  • How to focus on the interviewer and show you are interested and attentive
  • Impress your interviewer by using 4 simple words
  • The type of questions you can ask of the interviewer
  • How to answer difficult questions in a confident and effortless manner
  • Be well-prepared to answer questions about yourself in a positive way without waffling
  • What to say when you’re asked to explain your weaknesses
  • How and when to talk about money
  • How to do a practice run first

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Mining Interview Tips eBook


Behavioral interviewing techniques

Behavioral interviewing is a term used to describe the interview questions you could be asked and required to give specific examples on. This type of questioning is used to allow the interviewer to see how you demonstrated a particular skill or competency in a given situation. Interviews based on "behavioral interviewing" are designed around the view that the best way to view your future performance is by analyzing your past performance.

These questions will be structured to seek information relating to, the STAR principle, a proven and successful system used by people who know how to make a good impression at an interview. This e-book covers in detail:

  • The situation or task
  • The action you took
  • The result of your actions

Interview questions & how to answer them

Some interviews can be tough, we've all experienced them and have a story to tell. Being prepared to answer the toughest questions and having the answers roll off your tongue is what we're all looking to achieve. In this e-book you'll find examples of:

  • Examples of 'Opening Questions that may be asked:
  • Examples of questions related to safety
  • Technical & job related questions
  • Questions about teamwork and leadership
  • How to handle questions related to initiative and responsibility
  • Examples of explaining how you performance under pressure... and many more