The Experts Guide To Landing Entry Level Mining Jobs - iMINCO Mining Training Information

The Experts Guide To Landing Entry Level Mining Jobs

Entry level mining jobs ebook - free from iMINCO Mining Information. Mining operator, haul truck and loader on a coal mine - iMINCO

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Everyone wants a mining job.. why?.. because the money is good, new jobs are being created every day and we can show you where to find them and how to get one.

So iMINCO created an eBook to show you exactly how to go about finding and applying for entry-level jobs in the mines.

Mining is back and bigger than ever, with huge new thermal coal mines (Adani Carmichael mine) opening up in Queensland (Galilee Basin – Bowen Basin); and iron ore mines in Western Australia’s Pilbara(Roy Hill, Fortescue Metals, Rio Tinto, BHP etc).

Although the industry has changed dramatically, there are still good opportunities to get into the mines, make some good money and make good connections to move into other areas of mining such as haul truck operator, process operator and even a Mining Supervisor, with the right training.

Don’t miss out on this next wave of mining jobs, because if you can get into the mines, you can go a long way and there’s plenty of opportunity to build a solid career.

Choose from jobs above ground in open-cut pits or head underground where the money is better, but there is a trade-off.

You don’t need much experience, just a good mindset, a strong work ethic and being adaptable – that’s the trick.

Entry-level mining jobs eBook


Here’s what’s in the eBook

  • Entry Level Mining Jobs – the realities of mining
  • The best training for new starters in the mining industry
  • The main challenges for entry level jobs seekers
  • An overview of the most common questions asked by mining job seekers
  • Mining opportunities
  • Starting on the ground floor
  • A list of entry level mining jobs you can do
  • Basic requirements and mining knowledge you must have
  • How civil construction experience can really pay off
  • More on training and qualification options
  • Jobs for machinery operators like dump truck, loader and dozer operators
  • Deciphering mining terminology and understanding the lingo
  • Rosters and what you can expect
  • Mining apprenticeships and how to go about getting one
  • Entry level mining jobs for students, graduates and people on working visas
  • Winning tips to cracking entry level mining jobs
  • How to develop a mining mindset
  • Networking and creating the perfect mining focused resume
  • The complete Australian mining companies list – complete with links to their websites
  • The big list of mining contractors in Australia
  • A huge list of mining magazines, newspapers and research website to help you find unskilled mining jobs
  • Your mining jobs checklist – manage your job application process in one place
  • A complete list of mining courses you can do to increase your mining job opportunities

Behavioral Interviewing Techniques

Behavioral interviewing is a term used to describe the interview questions you could be asked and required to give specific examples on. This type of questioning is used to allow the interviewer to see how you demonstrated a particular skill or competency in a given situation. Interviews based on "behavioral interviewing" are designed around the view that the best way to view your future performance is by analyzing your past performance.

These questions will be structured to seek information relating to, the STAR principle, a proven and successful system used by people who know how to make a good impression at an interview. This e-book covers in detail:

  • The situation or task
  • The action you took
  • The result of your actions

Interview Questions & How To Answer Them

Some interviews can be tough, we've all experienced them and have a story to tell. Being prepared to answer the toughest questions and having the answers roll off your tongue is what we're all looking to achieve. In this e-book you'll find examples of:

  • Examples of 'opening questions' that may be asked:
  • Examples of questions related to safety
  • Technical & job related questions
  • Questions about teamwork and leadership
  • How to handle questions related to initiative and responsibility
  • Examples of explaining how you perform under pressure... and many more

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