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Apply Risk Management Processes

RIIRIS302E – Apply Risk Management Processes

This course can be completed online.

iMINCO Mining Safety Training Education - G1 Apply Risk Management Processes

G1 Applying Risk Management Processes course outcomes.

The RIIRIS301E – Apply Risk Management Processes training will help you develop your mining career further by equipping you with essential risk management knowledge.

  • Enhanced risk identification awareness
  • Better develop your communication skills
  • Be able to understand legislation and apply it in the workplace
  • Manage yourself and become efficient with your time
  • Preparing for incident investigations

Apply risk management processes

Develop new skills that will make you more aware of your work environment and provide the opportunity to advance your career in mining management. You’ll also develop high-level problem solving skills, new ways of working and communicating with your team to get the most out of them and of course understanding legislation and applying it correctly in the workplace. Life for many of us has become more challenging and unpredictable, therefore it’s important to learn effective ways of managing yourself and become more efficient with your time; as well as learning how to plan and organise to enhance the safety of your work environment. When you do come across an incident, this training will allow you to prepare incident investigations, including how to manage and record essential information, all the while meeting your legal and legislation obligations.

Course details

Complete this course online, on an iPAD/tablet, laptop, desktop (Mac and PC), and most smart phones. This course includes a PDF of the learning material. Print it out and read it in your own time – no need to be connected to the internet.

Enrolment requirements

There are no prerequisites to join this course. All you need is a basic understanding of English and writing, be able to use a computer, tablet, laptop and have reliable internet access. This is an online course, with full support from your trainer when you need it.
  • Course Duration: Fully online, in your own time
  • Price: $495
  • Location: Online
  • Training Type: Theory only - fully supported by your trainer
  • ​Outcome: A nationally recognised Statement of Attainment
  • ​​Validity: 5 years from date of issue

What you'll learn

  • Planning and preparing for risk management
  • Assessing and identifying unacceptable risk in your workplace
  • Review risk management documentation
  • Identify and recommend controls to minimise risk (accidents occurring)
  • Contribute to the implementation of controls to prevent risk occurring

This qualification is recognised across the following industries:

  • Resources and Infrastructure (surface extraction and underground mining and quarrying)
  • Resource Processing - Mining Gas(on and off shore)
  • Drilling and Well Servicing
  • Civil Construction
  • Automotive industry
This course also involves the practice of participation in the preparation, testing and documentation of safe working instructions to the people who will be working under you. One of the other benefits is this level of training offers you the ability to show your employer you have what it takes to move into a management role.With such a heavy focus on safety, being able to assess and manage risk in the workplace is rapidly becoming one of the key priorities for all mining companies.
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RIIRIS402E Carry out the Risk Management Process

The essential risk management training course for supervisors and team leaders.

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RIIRIS301D – Apply the Risk Management Processes (G1)/(S1)

You’ll learn the following skills;


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Course prerequisites;

This is an online course

There are no prerequisites to join this course. All you need is a basic understanding of English and writing, be able to use a computer, tablet, laptop and have reliable internet access. This is an online course, with full support from your trainer when you need it.

Course overview;

Plan and prepare for risk management

Access, interpret and apply risk management documentation and ensure the work activity is compliant

Inspect and analyse work area conditions regularly and systematically to identify potential hazards

Access, interpret and apply existing procedures to control identified hazards

Identify hazards not controlled by existing procedures

Recognise the type and scope of unresolved hazards and their likely impact

Assess and identify unacceptable risk

Consider and determine the likelihood of an event

Evaluate and determine the consequence of the event

Consider and determine the risk level (likelihood and consequence combined)

Identify or source the criteria for determining the acceptability/unacceptability of the risk

Evaluate the risk and identify unacceptable risk status

Review risk management documentation

Monitor and review working instructions

Seek authority and approval to amend in writing the working instructions

Seek authority and approval to action amendments to the working instructions

Identify and recommend controls

Identify the range of controls which may eliminate or minimise the risk

Conduct a detailed analysis of feasible options including the identification of resource requirements

Select the most appropriate control for dealing with the situation

Contribute to the implementation of controls

Write up the risk management plans selected control in detail, including resource requirements

Gain authorisation for selected control

Document and review controls for the job

Apply procedures to control recognised hazards

Communicate information on the control and its implementation




Course outcomes;


Complete this training online, at a pace that fits in with your current work roster. Learn the processes and tasks associated with conducting site inspections with a view to identifying, analysing and assessing risks in a mining environment.

G1 – RIIRIS301D – Apply Risk Management Processes


Online Course : $270

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