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If you're thinking of applying for this job, make sure your resume is up-to-date and includes at least some of the keywords contained within the advert.Click Here to download our Expert Mining Resume Guide and create the best version of your mining resume.

This is a Bowen Basin job located in the Mackay & Coalfields area. Do you live close to this location, or are you willing to FIFO from within Queensland?

You need a Standard 11 Mining Induction to be eligible for this job. If you don't have one and are not sure what this is, click the Standard 11 Mining Induction link further down the page.

Safety is a high priority in this industry. This job requires you to have a heightened sense of awareness and also appreciate the importance of safety in the workplace.

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stanmore coal

Stanmore Coal is an Australian-based public company focused on the exploration and development of export coking, PCI and thermal coal deposits within the prime coal bearing regions of Eastern Australia.

Bowen and Surat Basin Coal Mining in Queensland

Stanmore Coal owns 100% of its projects (except Mackenzie 98%) which are located in the Surat and Bowen Basins. They are on the path to becoming a significant Queensland coal producer with first production in 2016, initially through the development and construction of The Range thermal coal project.

Production will subsequently be increased through development of tenements in the Bowen Basin such as Belview, Mackenzie or Tennyson.

The Range Coal Project

The Range project is situated in the Surat Basin, Queensland and is scheduled to produce 5 million tonnes every year of high quality thermal coal for export.

The current coal reserves at The Range is 287 million tonnes. Coal will be transported via the Surat Basin Rail line to the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal for export. The terminal expansion will be completed in 2016.

The Belview Coal Project

The Belview coking coal project is found in the Bowen Basin, the heart of Queensland’s coal resource. I has been recently extended, making way for further development, creating more mining job opportunities.� The shallowest coal intersected from current drilling within the enlarged project area is 428m (Aries seam) with the potential for coal production to start from 385m under the surface. The shallower entry point and exploration target has the potential to increase the profitability of this coal mining operation.

Mackenzie River Coal Project

Mackenzie River is located in the Bowen Basin and current coal stocks are around 143 million tonnes. Work is underway on alternate processing methods with the aim of improving product ash and recovery.

Stanmore Coal has built a substantial exploration portfolio of metallurgical coal projects within the Bowen Basin coal region. Some of the world`s best coking and PCI coals are produced from the Bowen Basin and are exported to oversees markets like India and Japan.

The company is well positioned to develop its resource infrastructure and existing work program which will see further expansion and development of �The Range project and drilling at the most prospective exploration tenements. Stanmore Coal has a lot of prospective coal mining tenements, giving it a solid future in the coal mining industry, creating the opportunity for hundreds of new mine jobs in Queensland.

A new-starters guide to preparing for a mine job in Queensland

Mining jobs in Queensland will always be available for people who have the right skills, experience, safety training, attitude and mindset. If you’re searching to get a start in the lucrative coal mining industry in Queensland, we have a few tips and suggestions we think you will find useful. We help change thousands of people’s lives every year by showing them how they can prepare for a job in the mining and resource sector.

Workplace Health & Safety Training and Induction

Mining companies have an obligation, by law to maintain a safe working environment at all times and will have a preference in employing people who have completed safety training courses. These courses are referred to as a ‘Mining Induction” or “Standard 11 Induction Training”, which is a Queensland Government initiative covered in the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999.

The Act is described as: A standard may be made for safety and health (a “recognised standard”�) stating ways to achieve an acceptable level of risk to persons arising out of coal mining operations. It also provides a consistent and reliable set of components for training, recognising and assessing people`s skills and enables nationally recognised qualifications to be awarded through direct assessment of workplace competencies.

The purpose of this standard (which applies to both surface and underground operations) is to establish and maintain a training system which includes processes for identifying and delivering competent, safe and efficient work teams in a coal mining environment. The Mining Induction course covers a range of competencies from risk assessment to accurate record keeping.Why you need to have completed your Mining Induction
The stark reality is, mining is a dangerous occupation. There are strict processes and procedures and processes than must be followed every day whilst on-site. These procedures are in place to stop accidents happening to you and the people who you will be working with. A safety-aware culture is what all mining companies strive to achieve and have a benchmark of their effectiveness by quoting LTI’s or Long Term Injuries; the lower the number, the safer the workplace. A zero LTI over a given period is the overall goal. The Mines Inspectorate impose heavy penalties on mining companies who flaunt safety rules and do not comply with legislated safety policies and procedure.If you think you can walk onto a mine site without any safety training behind you, you may be kidding yourself, so you have to be prepared to invest a small amount of money in yourself to give your the right safety induction training; it might just save your life. The Workplace Health & Safety Course you need to complete is the Mining Induciton (regognised Standard 11 Induction Training). The investment is just $795 (half a weeks wages if you are the average mine worker). The Mining Induction course is run in most Australian capital cities and regional centres in Queensland. Find our more about the Mining Induction course here.
Coal Board Medical
Before you can start a mine job, you have to pass a physical examination called a Coal Board Medical.
What is the Coal Board Medical?
The Coal Board Medical is a medical assessment as required by the Coal Mine Workers` Health Scheme. Every coal mining company must ensure that a health assessment is carried out for each person who is to be offered employment, or is already employed, as a coal mine worker. The assessment can be carried out at a number of convenient locations across Australia. Find out more about the Coal Board Medical here, or call [email protected] for more information or to book your assessment today.
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Stanmore Coal


About the Bowen Basin mining region, Queensland.

The Queensland Bowen Basin contains the largest coal reserves in Australia. This major coal producing region contains one of the world’s largest deposits of bituminous coal.

The Basin contains much of the known Permian coal resources in Queensland including virtually all of the known mineable prime coking coal. It was named for the Bowen River, itself named after Queensland’s first Governor, Sir George Bowen.

The Bowen Basin covers a total area of over 60,000 square kilometres and is located in Central Queensland; running from Collinsville to Theodore. The entire region is home to many coal mines operated by multiple mining companies.

Here's a list of mining companies with operations in the Bowen Basin.

  • Peabody Energy Australia Pty Ltd
  • New Hope Corporation Limited
  • QCoal Pty Ltd
  • Hail Creek Holdings Pty Ltd
  • Mt Rawdon Operations Pty Ltd
  • Glencore Coal Queensland Pty Limited
  • Fitzroy Queensland Resources Limited
  • Conquest Mining Limited
  • Ravenswood Gold Pty Ltd
  • BHP Coal Pty Ltd/li>
  • Baralaba Coal Company Pty Ltd
  • Anglo American Metallurgical Coal Pty Ltd
  • Santos Limited (JV with Santos Limited, Petronas Total and Kogas)
  • TEC Coal Pty Ltd
  • TerraCom Australia
  • Coronado Curragh Pty Ltd
  • Yarrabee Coal Company Pty Ltd

For a more detailed view of the above list, here's the link to Queensland State Development mines list


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