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Mining Jobs QldPlenty of jobs, a booming industry, good prospects and topped off with beautiful beaches, the Great Barrier Reef, fun in the sun and vibrant cities that are full of friendly Aussies; it`s no surprise that mining jobs in Queensland, Australia, are attracting workers from all around the world.

Queensland is an awesome place to live and work and the mining industry is secure and can pay really well, with jobs spanning from drill operators to chefs, child minders to truck drivers.

And it gets even better. Mining jobs in Queensland have shot up by 21% in the past year, as the industry continues to boom and scrambles to find more workers. That gives you even more chances of finding a job in this booming industry.

If you`re already experienced in a mining related job “� or your qualifications and experience are easily transferable – then your chances of finding work in the mining industry in Queensland are even great. Many people dream of having a well-paid mining job. Queensland offers a wealth of employment opportunities and the lifestyle to match.

Even if you`re not qualified or experienced, there`s potential work waiting for you too. Due to the massive spike in the Queensland mining industry, employers are opening the doors to people who don`t have experience but can learn on the job. Sure, you won`t be doing highly skilled work, but you`ll get your foot in the door and there`s always opportunities to get certifications and transfer to higher paid skilled jobs once you`re “inside.”

Despite the growing number of mining jobs available or your experience, there`s a right way and a wrong way to find and secure a mining job in Queensland.

Not sure where to start? iMINCO�can help.

We`ve put hundreds of people into skilled and unskilled positions in the mining industry, right across Australia. We know what employers look for in this industry, where to find the best jobs, how to avoid the usual pitfalls and ultimately, how to land that mining job with or without experience. Call us today on [email protected] and we`ll talk you through it.

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