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Mining Jobs WA – How To Increase Your Hiring Potential

Great job prospects, a booming mining industry, on the job training and warm sunny weekends to help you relax. No wonder so many people are rushing to get mining jobs in WA.

In fact, there has never been a better time to do so. Last year WA saw a 5% increase in mining jobs and it has now become a true job seeker`s market.

So, if you`re looking for�mining jobs WA, now is the time to grab the opportunity with both hands.

But how?

First, consider your options.

Are you coming to the job with skills that can be transferable to the mining job you`re applying for? Or are you lacking in experience and credentials?

There`s a path for both scenarios, but of course, if you have highly relevant skills then you`re more likely to secure a higher salary than most non-skilled positions may offer.

You should also consider what type of mining job you want to do in WA. Remember that the mining industry is huge and the range of jobs is pretty expansive.

For example, mining companies don`t just need truck drivers or drill operators; they also need cooks, medics, logistic managers, bus drivers, clerical staff and so much more.

Once you know what kind of position you`re best suited for, you can begin your search for jobs online, using sites such as and for potential vacancies. Don`t forget to set up an email alert and upload a high quality resume to give yourself the best possible chance of finding and landing a mining job in WA.

iMINCO�can help you find and win mining jobs in WA far more effectively than going it alone. We`ve helped hundreds of people to find mining jobs, across a range of skilled and non-skilled positions.

Call us today on [email protected] and we`ll show you how it`s done, including resume advice, job search advice and general advice on working in mining in WA”� where the sun always shines!

Some mining courses you can do if you`re thinking of applying for mining jobs in WA

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