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Xstrata Careers

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Xstrata: Taking Careers In Mining To A New Level

Xstrata CareersXstrata careers in mining are not your average path that most in the industry take.� That`s because this is a company with an innovative philosophy that makes a real investment, not only in their product but also in the personnel who work at every level of the business.�Step into this unique corner of the mining industry and you`ll find yourself in a whole new world of exciting opportunity.

So what makes this company stand out from the rest of Australia`s extremely productive and progressive mining industry?� For the employees of this company, work isn`t just about following the rules it`s being a part of shaping those rules and bringing them to life.� Mining is truly a way of life and each person is a vibrant part of that life.

Not only are Xstrata careers financially rewarding, they also provide a host of other rewards as well.� Each employee is actively involved in the entire mining process.� Ideas are expressed and listened to, and quite often implemented, usually with great success.� That`s what keeps the company at the forefront of the industry.

And the result of all this hard work is continued production of many of the top natural resources used in technology and other areas.� Everything from coal and nickel to zinc, platinum and vanadium is culled from Australian mine sites and exported to locations across the globe.� These products are used in various capacities to help improve the world around us.

That`s why Xstrata careers can be so rewarding.� You`ll see the fruits of your labours being put to work in new and exciting ways.� Whether it`s copper being used in the wiring of mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices or thermal coal serving as a sustainable energy source to help provide power while reducing energy costs, you`ll have the satisfaction of knowing you had a hand in making it happen.

And you`ll do so while working for a company that respects its employees and the environment.� To this end, advances in technology continue to be developed that improve the entire mining process to make it safer and more environmentally friendly, so that the delicate balance of nature is maintained at every step.

This industry is a truly cooperative effort and Xstrata careers reflect this unlike any others.� This is a company where every employee is valued and every effort is rewarded.�� It`s a place where you`ll be able to not only provide for your family but also give back to society and preserve the environment, and that`s saying an awful lot.

If you`re interested in a career in mining, why not look into the many options that Xstrata has available?� Instead of chipping out your tiny corner of the industry, you`ll find yourself blazing a trail that takes mining in a whole new direction.� It`s not just a job, it`s a career path you can really get excited about!iminco logo

Xstrata Careers