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Xstrata Jobs

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Explore The Jobs Xstrata Has To Offer

Xstrata JobsXstrata jobs span a wide range of fields, locations and even commodities.� This is one place where you will never be confined by a generic job description.� You can literally create your own niche and then enjoy the satisfaction of earning a living as part of Australia`s largest and most productive industry.� It doesn`t get much more satisfying than that.

As one of the bigger companies in the industry, Xstrata has operations in many different parts of the world.�

You can find work right here in Australia or travel to new and exciting locations if that`s what suits you.� With offices and mining sites in such varied locations as Argentina, Canada, Ireland and the Philippines, among others, there are almost no boundaries when it comes to working for this unique company.

And the opportunities don`t stop there.� You can even narrow your search for Xstrata jobs in terms of a particular product.� You can specific whether you`d prefer to work with coal, nickel, copper or any of the company`s other commodities. Or if you prefer, you can look into the technology field, which is another area where the company has significant operations.

Of course, as with any other mining operation, there is always a range of employment opportunities available.� Everything from corporate office work to on-site labor is available at all of the locations around the world, so the chances of finding the specific type of work you`re searching for are very good.

Not surprisingly, Xstrata jobs cover the spectrum from drilling and welding to geological surveying and everything in between.�� You can drive trucks, work as a carpenter or electrician, be a driller or a mucker.� There are positions available at every level of each mining operation; all you have to do is look.

For the more technologically-minded, lab work may be more to your taste.� You could work in environmental science, as a geological technologist or geoscientist.� Perhaps your expertise is in engineering?�� Then why not look into careers in civil, chemical, electrical or mechanical engineering.� These are just a few of the possibilities for qualified individuals.

Naturally, all mining work is not about the physical or technical side of operations.� There are many Xstrata jobs that involve front office work too.� Secretarial, accounting, legal and financial positions are all an integral part of any mining operation and there are many openings on this level as well.� The important part is keeping an open mind for all of the possible options.

The mining industry has an awful lot to offer and there is no better place to take your first step than with Xstrata.� A job here can open doors to excitement and opportunity that you may not even have realised existed.� So look into the possibilities today and you may just find your dream job waiting for you!iminco logo

Xstrata Jobs


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