Mayor looks to secure Adani Mining Jobs for people living locally

Queensland Regional Mayor looks to secure Adani mining jobs for locals

Adani Mining Jobs in Queensland are hot property

With the construction phase of Adani’as Carmichael mine quickly approaching, local North Queensland councils are going into overdrive competing for investment opportunities.

Isaac Regional Council Mayor Anne Baker has acknowledged this process, but is more interested in ensuring local mine workers do not miss out on Carmichael mine jobs, giving people genuine choice on where they live and work.

Thiscomes asTownsville and Rockhampton councils go head to head for a greater stake of the FIFO market generated out of the development of Adani`s mine, rail and port project.

Mrs Baker acknowledges that FIFO will always be a part of the equation for this project, with up to 10,000 jobs being created, however, she wants to ensure local workers are not locked out of local jobs.

Adani Mining jobsfacts

  • The Carmichael mine thermal coal project has a potential mine life of 90 years.
  • An investment of approximately $10 billion.
  • A permanent work force of 4000 people is anticipated, with up to 10,000 throughout the projects life.
  • The mine is expected to be around 45 kilometres long.
  • Carmichael mine is located on the Moray Downs cattle station (Isaac Regional Council area), about 160km north-west of Clermont, QLD.
  • Mining operations are expected to be a combined of 6 open pit and underground workings.
  • Each pit is expected to produce 10 million tonnes of coal a year.
  • Coal destination and stockpiling at Abbott Point coal terminal near Bowen via a 185 km rail line (to be built) where it will join the the existing QR National Network; and
  • Coal exports are predominantly headed for India with the first coal exports around early 2016.

Recommended training courses and certifications you need to better your chances of getting a job with Adani at their Carmichael Mine.

  • Complete a mining induction course (Recognised Standard 11). This is a well structured and engaging safety training course that will introduce safety awareness to new starters or workers entering the mining industry. Read more about mining induction safety training courses and book your spot online.
  • Arrange a medical health check referred to as a Coal Board Medical. This is a requirement by the Coal Mine Workers` Health Scheme. Coal mining companies must ensure that a health assessment is carried out for each person who is to be offered employment, or is already employed in the coal mining industry. Read more about the Coal Board Medical.
  • You must have a mining focused resume prepared before you apply for a position. If your resume is not up to date and structured correctly, you risk having your resume overlooked by the automated resume scanning software that is designed to look for selected keywords contained in your resume. Invest in your future and read through our resume tips for mining jobs and have a look at the resume writing service – it works!


How can you get an Adani mining job with no experience?

Many people ask us iMINCO how to get a mining job with no experience? It depends on your previous experience, qualifications, whether you have the correct certifications, tickets and also the right attitude.

Adani Mining Jobs - mining jobs iMINCO

There could be a lot of opportunity for new starters to get a foot-in-the-door, so even if you have never worked in the mining industry, with the right mix of certification, experience and ability – you could score a job with Adani at its Carmichael mine.

Talk with us about booking in to a training course, or you maybe you need help with your resume, call Industry Pathways on, they have specialist advisers on hand to help.



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