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Gold mining – Newcrest Mining posts a half year profit of $187 million

Gold Mining

Gold mining giant, Newcrest Mining, have just released their half yearly financial report which is�proof that the mining industry has lifted in leaps and bounds. Recording a statutory profit of $187 million�and an underlying profit of $273 million, the company has taken advantage of the increased realised gold price, higher copper and gold sales volumes, and lower operating costs.

As the�largest�gold producer listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and one of the world’s leading gold mining companies, Newcrest Mining�have set high near, medium and long-term performance targets to�ensure this continued success.

Future looks bright for Gold�Mining

With Newcrest reporting a $210 million increase on their underlying profit from the previous period predominately due to an increase in copper and gold mining sales volumes,�the future�is certainly looking bright for mining in Australia.

A profit this large could be due to the following:

  • There was a 15% rise in gold prices, which mean gold revenue was 16 per cent higher than the previous period, reaching $1552 million
  • Cadia was able to increase gold production by 31 per cent, which helped increase the sales volume
  • The copper sales volume at the Cadia and Telfer operations�saw the companies copper revenue ruse by 22%

Current Operational Mines

Newcrest Minings�current operational mines include:
  • Cadia Valley Operations (near Orange, New South Wales)
  • Telfer (Pilbara Region, Western Australia)
  • Gosowong (Halmahera Island, Indonesia)
  • Lihir (New Ireland Province, PNG)
  • Bonikro (Côte d`Ivoire, West Africa)

How to get a job with Newcrest Mining

Working with Newcrest will give you a rare opportunity to grow and challenge your skills with Australia’s largest gold producer. Newcrest is constantly recruiting via their careers platform across all of their mining operations and head offices.�You can either apply for a job straight away or submit your profile online.

View their careers platform here.�

If you`re looking for�gold mining jobs “� here is a great place to start

Remember training and qualifications can take you so far, if you wish to learn more about how you can give yourself a winning edge and land a gold�mining job we suggest you firstly learn how to market yourself well on paper “� it truly makes you stand out from the crowd.

For more information on how to land a mining job, or to find out what qualifications are needed, call a mining consultant on [email protected].



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