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Increase your job interview chances with a new resume

A professionally designed resume is a click away.

At iMINCO we see thousands of resumes email to us from people who are frustrated because they can’t get an interview once they’ve applied for a job. Recruiters are looking for specific elements in your resume and if you’re not including them – then chances are you’re job applications are just going in the bin.

You need your resume to do the heavy lifting for you. This where a good resume [a mining focused resume] can get you an interview.

When your resume looks professional and the correct keywords have been added, you’ll have renewed confidence to apply for jobs knowing you’ve got the best version of your resume doing the work for you.

Well-written, targeted resumes get results

A well-written resume is usually the only way you can score yourself an interview with a mining company or recruitment agency. It doesn’t matter whether you’re applying for a job in mining, oil and gas, civil or any other industry, your resume has to the heavy lifting for you and persuade the person reading it to short-list you for an interview.

How much is a professional resume going to cost?

To rewrite your resume to be mining and/or energy sector specific usually costs between $350 and $450.

Search Google for resume writing services.

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