MINING NEWS: Adani Carmichael mine court challenge

Adani face yet another challenge against Carmichael Mine

Carmichael mine development – Adani under pressure

As if there isn’t enough to think about when it comes to mining jobs and Adani’s Carmichael mine development approvals, there has been a new challenge by conservationists.

The Federal Court heard a new submission going against Environment Minister Greg Hunt`s approval of the Adani Carmichael coal mine.

The Australian Conservation Foundation are set to argue that the Minister failed to consider whether the impact of climate pollution, resulting from burning the mine`s coal, would be inconsistent with Australia`s international obligations to protect the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef.

The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act states that the Minister must not act inconsistently with Australia`s responsibilities under the UN World Heritage Convention.

ACF president and leading businessman Geoff Cousins said the Reef was loved by Australians and overseas visitors but would soon be gone if climate change was allowed to accelerate.

“Coral reef scientists are telling us in just a few decades warmer waters could bleach the Reef beyond recognition,“ he said.

“Minister Hunt has acknowledged climate change is affecting the Reef, yet the approval of the Carmichael mine will create more pollution, make global warming worse and irreversibly damage the Reef.

“ACF believes the Turnbull government`s re-approval of a coal mine that would produce more climate pollution than New Zealand does annually is reckless and irresponsible.“

Mr Cousins said taking legitimate legal action was in the public interest and central to keeping governments accountable in a democracy.

“This action is historic; it`s the first case that has sought to test the Environment Minister`s World Heritage obligations as they relate to the climate change impacts on the Reef caused by pollution from burning a mine`s coal,“he said.

The other argument of course is that Australia itself can not stop global warming in its own. The coal from the Carmichael mine in the Galilee Basin is one of lowest sulphur and ash quantities in its class. There has been much written on the fact that, if the Adani mine does not go ahead, the recipients of the coal, namely Indian power stations (75% of coal from Adani’s proposed mine would be exported direct to India), would get the coal from another source. This coal would be of a lesser quality, therefore contributing a greater impact to global warming.

The Barrier Reef is a pristine marine park and yes, it must be protected at all costs, however, try telling the big mining companies who strip the Amazon of carbon devouring rain forests that the local conservation group is against it.

A strong voice is the catalyst to preventing coal and other projects from being developed in Australia – potentially damaging this country’s ability to remain competitive in a global market. Coal is dug out of the ground yes, yet what of the immense oil and gas reserves that are being sucked dry off the coast of Australia.

What of the impact on the environment of turning crude oil into petrol, which contributes untold billions of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere every year. When Australian-produced LPG is burned in millions and millions of commercial and industrial factories in Asia, how is this affecting the environment? Is pollution and emissions control effective in reducing the carbon that is released from burning the gas?

The proposed Adani Carmichael mine in the Galilee Basin will be continued to be fought in the highest courts in the land. Challenged by all manner of conservationist and Green groups. Will we ever see coal being exported from the Basin? Stay up to date with iMINCO Mining News, or subscribe to the iMINCO news feed for the latest Adani news and information.


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