$235 million Queensland Bauxite Hills mining project feasible

$235 million Queensland Bauxite Hills mining project looks feasible

More mining jobs for Queensland workers

A new mine in Queensland has recently received a favourable outcome from a feasibility study. Valued at $234 million, the Bauxite Hills mining project in Queensland belonging to Metro Mining has indicated that over the next 25 years, good returns would be on the cards if the mine was managed well and costs were controlled.

The mining company has about 1,300 square kilometres of bauxite exploration tenements in western Cape York. This is the largest tenement holding in the region outside the Rio Tinto Alcan mining leases

This is good news for Queensland mining jobs, because the state continues to battle with green groups over additional coal projects in the Galilee Basin.

Figures released show the Bauxite Hills project could produce over 2 million tonnes of bauxite per annum, with estimated earnings of some $54.4 million. Relying on a simple production system, it’s also thought that operating costs would keep the cost per tonne to about $22.5.

Already, there are other studies going on to fine-tune the mining operation which would aim for a production rate of 4-5 million tonnes per year.

In terms of just how much bauxite is contained on the Bauxite Hills mining project tenement, the resource estimates come in at around 53.6 million tonnes of DSO bauxite and 48.2 million tonnes of marketable DSO bauxite reserves.

The DFS is significant, confirming that the Bauxite Hills mine is a good project that should deliver strong financial returns for the company and its investors. Final approvals for the Bauxite Hills project are expected in the first half of 2016 with production expectations for the third quarter of 2016.

Bauxite Hills` DSO bauxite is thought to have high silica levels that make it perfect for low-temperature refineries in China. More than 80 percent of Chinese merchant refinery capacity is for low temperature and at the moment,�Metro Mining� say they have nine potential Chinese customers in their sights.

Further research on Metro Mining

As always, here’s the wrap-up from iMINCO about what the Bauxite Hills mining project means in terms of mining jobs for the region.

The Bauxite Hills mine is approximately 95 kilometres north of Weipa on Western Cape York. Bauxite is found in large quantities in Queensland, with Rio Tinto operating one of the biggest mines in the Wepia area.

Looking for a job at the Bauxite Hills project?

Where you start your research

As we have said many times in the past, the best way to get a job in the mines is to go do some mining of your own – and we’re referring to ‘data mining’. With so much information freely available on the net, it’s a cinch to build a picture of a mining company and gain massive insights into their business. This type of research can deliver huge advantages for people looking for employment in Queensland mining.

Time and time again, iMINCO sees thousands of resume’s a year and the majority of them are just generic, with no real work put into making them fit the jobs specifications of the advert. One of the biggest tips iMINCO can give to job seekers is to take the time to research the company you want to work with; then use that information in your cover letter – sparingly.

Just a little hint of a reference to a project or a recent article on the company’s blog, goes a long way. It goes a long way because, when you take the time to learn about a company, the people you talk with see this and their estimation of you goes up.

Employers don’t just want any employee, they look for people who are switched on and proactive; people who will contribute to the growth of the company and not just be another number in the business.

So, here’s a quick list of where to start to find out about Metro Mining and the Bauxite Hills mining project

  • Metro Mining Limited is an Australian exploration & mining company based in Brisbane, Queensland. They have major bauxite projects in Cape York
  • Metro Mining have one of Australia`s largest thermal coal resources, in the Surat Basin with some 4.5 Billion tonnes of Thermal Coal Resource. The mine is an underground mine with large scale underground long wall operations. Due to the current coal market, the company has decided to keep the mining operations on hold.
  • Go to www.metromining.com.au/resources-projects/coal-projects/ and read about the Bundi Project, the Columboola Project, Dalby West and Norwood projects
  • Go to www.metromining.com.au to find out about the company and their other mining operations
  • METRO MINING LIMITED, listed on the stock market ASX under the stock code MMI
  • Bauxite Hills Definitive Feasibility Study for 2Mtpa Production Scenario �→ Read More on the ASX (PDF)
    This is an excellent resource for further information on the company with free access to financial reports, cashflow information and annual reports to shareholders. When looking for clues to where to find future mining jobs in Queensland, always dig deep and find out as much as you can, using every piece of information you can muster.

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