WA Mining Jobs - Roy Hill Pilbara iron ore mine gets investment cash

WA Mining Jobs at Roy Hill

iMINCOWA Mining Jobs – Breaking News for Rinehart and Roy Hill Mine

The ANZ bank has now approved $US1 billion ($1.09 billion AUS) to finance Gina Rinehart`s $10 billion Roy Hill iron ore project in WA.

This in effect ensures more cashflow for the mining magnate and means more WA mining jobs.

The new funding reduces outgoing costs associated with construction and as such the creation of an estimated 8000 new mining jobs in WA. Rinehart is reducing mining costs out of her own back pocket, meaning the company`s capital commitment is reduced, making complete financial sense.

Let`s bring you up to scratch
The Roy Hill mine project is estimated to be around $10 billion and is the first mine to be built by Mrs Rinehart, Australia`s richest person. Rinehart is backing the project with fierce certainty and as such has invested more than $1 billion of her own money.

Hancock wants to acquire around $3billion in additional investment from commercial banks for the Roy Hill project, solidifying it as the biggest mining project finance deal in history. According to BRW today, ANZ`s bridging finance is viewed as a crafty bid by the bank to win as much of the deal as possible. It seems investors are also in support of ANZ`s financial injection with ANZ share prices rising in response to the announcement.

Despite the negative sentiment surrounding Australia`s mining industry, this type of billion dollar capital investment in mining projects from commercial banks, investors and credit agencies alike, reveals the magnitude of the WA mining industry; fiercely opposing popular headline grabbers deeming the end of Australian mining industry. Hancock has repeatedly shared that she remains positive that she will secure the money by the end of 2013.

What this means for WA Mining jobs

  • Mrs Rinehart will need to invest in a significant workforce to meet capital commitments for the mine, which includes rail lines and a port to ship the iron ore to Asia.
  • During the construction phase (from late 2012-2014) 8500 temporary WA construction jobs will need to be filled, while during the operational phase of the project (from 2015) around 2000 permanent WA jobs in mining will be created.
  • The Roy Hill 1 Project is of an exceedingly impressive size with 2.4billion tonnes of low phosphorous iron ore resources, located in the Chichester Ranges of the Pilbara region of West Australia.
  • It is expected that most mining job positions will be FIFO from Perth, with news just in thatQantas has inked a three-year agreement to provide FIFO services to Rinehart’s billion dollarRoy Hill iron ore mine. It is worth noting thatmining geared aviation is expected to soar by 50 to 70 per cent over the next few years, according toQantasLink executive manager Narendra Kumar.
  • Hancock is hoping that the iron ore mine will be shipping its cargo in September 2015, with an expected production of around 55 million tonnes a year (Mtpa).
  • The engineering, procurement and construction contract for Roy Hill was recently awarded to Korean company Samsung C&T (the world`s largest consumer electronics company) and Alinta Energy won the power supply contract for the project; meaning some of the world largest companies are backing Rinehart`s mining investment, again proof of the projects expected enormity.
  • The Chinese government recently stated they won`t be happy with anything less than 7% growth and as China is Australia`s largest importer of iron-ore. Despite the high prices of iron ore and the volatility of the market, Australian workers looking for a mining job in WA can expect longevity in mining the precious commodity.
  • The Roy Hill mine is expected to be the fourth largest iron ore producing mining company behind Andrew Forrests Fortescue Metals Group which has significant mining operations in the Chichester Ranges.

Peter Evans, iMINCO.net shared his insight, “It`s good to see one of the major four banks getting behind Gina Rinehart`s Roy Hill mine and shows ANZ has faith in the Australian mining industry. In effect you will see this speed up the project and it is expected around 8000 mining jobs will open up in the very near future, with production set to commence as close as 2015″

For workers looking for Roy Hill jobs or work in the WA mining industry, you need to keep in mind that now is a crucial time to start up-skilling, as a mine like this creates a small town and this means it takes huge amounts of people to build and eventually run it.

For you, looking for a WA mining job means the area could potentially be facing a labour skill shortage, with a need for qualified workers.

Think about the roles that will be needed to build a mine set to become one of Australia`s largest mines and the enormity of such a project.

The types of jobs in demand are;

  • construction workers,
  • machine operators,
  • tyre fitters
  • mechanics
  • carpenters
  • plumbers
  • concretors
  • bricklayers
  • cleaners, caterers
  • admin staff
  • bus drivers
  • security guards
  • supervisors
  • doggers
  • riggers
  • qualified tradesmen; and
  • labourers

You name it “ the mine will provide phenomenal mining job prospects and indeed it`s possible you can change your life, double your income and embark on an exciting and financially rewarding career through a job in the mines in Western Australia.

We suggest start your upskilling now and to think about attaining your RII qualifications or apply for your RPL (recognised prior learning). Call Industry Pathways on info@iminco.net for more information on how you can get the right training for a WA mining job that could just change your life – completely.

More news for Roy Hill and WA mining job opportunities

Roy Hill Jobs in Mining

Reports just in, indicate that Gina Rinehart`s Roy Hill Pilbara iron ore project is finally ready to get the green light after aligning up to $7 billion in funding. The Roy Hill project is estimated to be around $10 billion and has been stalled due to Japanese and Korean investment issues and guarantee

Roy Hill employment

Roy Hill employment. The $10 billion Roy Hill Mine in the Pilbara will see 8000 mining jobs created in construction and 2000 permanent operational jobs in mining production, port and rail infrastructure management. 1700 would-be contractors attended a recent suppliers briefing in Perth to hear Roy Hill boss Barry Fitzgerald tell of the upcoming opportunities.

WA Mining Jobs

WA Mining Jobs are plentiful. There are many types of mines in WA, mining gold, iron ore, diamonds, bauxite, nickel and coal. If you are looking for mining jobs, Western Australia is one of the places you might consider. There are dozens of mines in the area and most of the operations are hiring. Recruitment and training groups do much of the hiring and are responsible for many of the employment ads you will see online.

Pilbara mining projects “ where the mining jobs are

Gina Rinehart`s multi-billion dollar Roy Hill Iron Ore project, located 270 kilometres south of Port Hedland, is finally showing signs of becoming an operational facility. The lead contractor Brookfield Multiplex recently started construction of the workers accommodation village at Roy Hill, with the first stage of the $190 million facility expected to be in operation…

Roy Hill mine jobs to be secured

In a tactic to help raise $6 billion in finance by the end of this year, the huge Roy Hill iron ore project, in the Pilbara region of WA, secured contracts to supply ore to two more Chinese steelmakers last week after signing a similar agreement with Shougang Group, one of China`s largest steel mills, on the same day.

$7bn iron ore project needs 10,000 workers

In what`s being called an addition to WA`s skills shortage, Gina Rinehart`s $7 billion iron ore mine in the Pilbara will need at least 10,000 workers to achieve operational status. And in spite of youth unemployment being 19 per cent in the region and going as high as 28 per cent in one area.

Reference: WA Mining Jobs boost as Gina Reinharts’s Roy Hill iron ore mine gets ANZ bank funding of $1 billion.

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