WA Mining Jobs - Atlas Iron Pilbara Mine Approved

WA Mining Jobs – Atlas Iron mine approved

Mining Jobs WA - iMINCOMining jobs in WA with Atlas Iron. The construction of a new A$146-million iron-ore mine in Western Australia took one step closer this week.

Atlas is forecasting commencement of mining operations December 2013, and a target set for exports of iron ore to commence around 2014.

The new iron ore mining project is located near Port Hedland, has been approved by the board of directors. They will be joint venturing ASX-listed, Altura Mining.

Mt Webber, Atlas Iron`s fifth mine, will is hoping for an†iron-ore production rate of 3 million tons a year, which will form part of Atlas`s overall North Pilbara standard product blend. The ore from Mt Webber will be trucked to Utah Point, at Port Hedland and the first iron ore seaborne shipments expected around June of 2014.

The mine is said to have an estimated mine life of 18 years which is good news for people looking for mining jobs in WA. The company indicated it will target an greater production rate of six-million tons a year of iron-ore in the next phase 2 of development. This expansion will allow Atlas Iron to reach its targeted 12-million-ton-a-year production rate by the June quarter of 2014.

Managing Director Ken Brinsden said that the decision to develop Mt Webber represents another big step for the Pilbara iron ore miner,† as it is the largest of its Horizon 1 mines and will give Atlas high-quality, long-life iron ore production, creating much needed WA mining jobs for the local community as well as FIFO workers.

Atlas invests in 5 mines in 5 years in WA

With the Atlas Iron’s Pardoo, Wodgina and Mt Dove mines in the operation stage, a mine called Abydos due to start soon and Mt Webber in development, Atlas has shown the market it is a force to be reckoned with in WA iron ore mining by delivering five mines in about five years.† This type of solid investment and development shows the company to be in a strong cash flow positive position, which will, in turn, return benefits and dividends to shareholders and allow them to look to further investment in its future mining projects in the Pilbara.

Pilbara Mining Operations – Atlas Iron

If you’re looking for mining jobs in WA, you need to read this

Go to the Atlas Iron website and research the company. The more information you have, better it is. You have to be targeted and focused on the company when applying for jobs. The information below will give you an overview of their mining operations in the WA Pilbara. These locations are FIFO, working rosters such as 4/1 and 6/2.

Atlas Iron – Pardoo Mining Operation

The Pardoo project (Atlas`s first producing iron-ore mine), can be found about 75 km east of Port Hedland. The mine started operations in October 2008 and produces a quality low-alumina direct shipping ore (DSO) from a variety of open pit mines. The iron ore is extracted by a fleet of haul trucks and various loading machineery, (get the right training to drive a haul truck), then crushed and screened at the mine and transported to Port Hedland by covered road trains.

There are 14 separate DSO resources and one channel iron deposit resource at Pardoo, as well as the Ridley magnetite mining project. These include the Ord and Ridley iron-ore deposits, which are held by one of Australia’s largest mining companies, BHP Billiton.

Atlas Iron – Wodgina Mining Operation

Mining started at the Wodgina direct shipping ore mining operation†in July 2010.† This mine created a flurry of mining jobs as Atlas acquired 100% of the mining rights from Talison Minerals, now Global Advanced Metals (GAM), in February 200. The operation is pivotal to the expansion plans of the mining company. The iron ore mine can be found 100 km south of Port Hedland, located within the Wodgina greenstone belt, centred on Talison`s Wodgina tantalum mine “ď the world`s largest single tantalum resource.

The mine can process up to six-million tonnes of iron-ore a year on site by having its own crushing and screening plant. It also has a 10 MW gas-fired power generating plant, a 300-person accommodation camp with self-contained mine administration facilities.

Wodgina remains a highly prospective exploration target for Atlas. The mine produces good-quality low-alumina fines-only product, which is trucked to the nearby multi-user Utah Point port at Port Hedland for export.

Atlas Iron – Mt Dove Mining Operation

The third producing mine for Atlas is the Mt Dove mine and forms part of the Horizon 1 growth programme.

A checklist for applying for mining jobs in WA with Atlas Iron.

  • Go to the Atlas Iron website and click on their Careers menu link. It’s important to submit your resume to Atlas and get your details on their filing system first. You have to do this because they will give mining jobs to the people who are on their own database first!! Screening candidates for jobs in the mines is easier and costs less than advertising jobs with a recruiting firm. They do this because;
    • They have a readily available list of candidates in their own system that they can easily sort through.
    • If you have taken the time to submit your application directly to them, then that shows initiate – something mining companies want you to have.
    • It does not cost Atlas any money to acquire you as an employee, whereas mining recruitment companies can charge up to 15% of the annual salary to find a suitable employee. Finding the right people to fill mining jobs can be quite challenging.
  • Things you can do when you sign up with Atlas Iron.
    • Search by mining job categories or view† all of the current mining jobs
    • Sign up to receive emails with new mining jobs that may suit your skills and qualifications.
    • Maintain your personal details.
    • Track and view your job applications.
    • Create and maintain your profile to allow Atlas Iron to† view your details and match you against any jobs that become available and match your skills.
  • Research, research, research.† You read everything you can about Atlas Iron, what they do, what they`re mining, where they mine and what the future holds.† Read the Atlas Iron financial report. Take this knowledge and add bits and pieces of it to your mining job application cover letter. When you go for your interview with Atlas, you may be asked questions about why you feel you will be a good employee and why you chose Atlas over every other mining company. This is your opportunity to dazzle your interviewer with the knowledge you have learned, just by doing a little bit of research, you can increase your job chances by a mile. View a list of typical questions you may be asked when applying for a mine job with Atlas Iron.
  • Review your current resume is up-to-date,† includes your latest information and courses you’ve done and is focused on mining.
  • If you want to have a crack at doing your own resume, we’ve provided some resume tips to help you with your job application.
  • Do you want to make a good impression at your interview? -† read our tips on “how to interview well for a job at Atlas Iron“.
  • Think about what other mining, management, machinery skills training and WHS safety courses you can do to increase your job chances with Atlas Iron.
  • If you are new to mining or are a tradesman looking for mining jobs in WA mines, why not read our section on How to get into mining with no experience.
  • Increase your mining knowledge with iMINCO Project News. This is a FREE email newsletter delivered to your inbox and is full of mining and resource sector information on jobs, projects and training.
  • Atlas’s mining operations are in remote locations in WA, so you can expect to have to do a bit of off-road driving from time to time (depending on your job). Consider learning how to drive and maintain a 4 wheel drive vehicle. It’s a good qualification to have on your resume.
  • Mining companies and recruiters look to your social media profile first. We’ve heard that about† 80% of mining companies and recruiters look to social media to get an idea for who you are and what you`re about. A good tip is to make sure your social media profile does not contain anything that may hamper your opportunity to get an interview. Remove any foul language or dodgy pictures of you in compromising poses or situations because it may just cause you to lose that mining job you’ve always wanted.

Job application tips

  • After applying for a job at Atlas Iron, always follow it up with a phone call a day later and ask to speak to the Human Resources department (HR) to make sure they received your job application. This shows you are keen, thorough and action based, which is what mining companies are looking for.
  • If you do get an email or a phone call regarding your job application, be prepared to answer questions on the spot. This is exactly why doing your research on the company is important. Know your stuff and be confident in your abilities.
  • If you`ve have not heard back from Atlas within a week or so, give them a call and enquire about the progress of your application. Being polite and persistent at the same time, takes skill.† The job application and review process can take time, be patient, although don`t drop the ball and forget about it. This is your future in your hands and you and only you are responsible for creating it and making it happen.
  • Keep yourself up-to-date with mining news in Western Australia.† Use your knowledge when you are talking to Atlas Iron staff directly. Just like every other mining company, there is a lot of competition for mining jobs and Atlas Iron is looking for reliable, committed and hard working people who can work as a team, be safety focused,† think on their feet and contribute to the growth of the company.

Reference: WA Mining Jobs | Atlas Iron Mt.Webber Iron Ore Mine Gets Approval
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