Mining Jobs - Skills Shortage Creates Opportunities

Mining Jobs – Skills Shortage Creates Opportunities

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If you have a trade skill and currently working in the civil or construction industry, don’t dismiss out on mining jobs, jobs in gas and resource sector jobs – there’s plenty to choose from.

There is still a skills shortage and people with the right attitude and skills can cash in.

According to a 2013-14 Salary Guide released by Stellar Recruitment, demand is high in specialist engineering areas, owing to the next stage of mining and resource sector activity – construction and final completion.

In the mining, petroleum, civil, mechanical and electrical engineers field there is still a huge need for qualified and experienced people. iMINCO was told there is a worrying shortage of electrical and mechanical tradespeople, as well as geologists, project managers, as well as construction managers.

Mine Site Managers in high demand

Mine site managers are also in huge demand owing to many of the existing managers having left the industry owing to retirement or simply leaving the industry after a long career. The mining sector alone, in 2012-2013 reported a 25% attrition rate in mine site workers. “People leave the industry for various reasons, like family commitments or they find it difficult to cope with the demands of a FIFO lifestyle.

In the report, it highlights there has been a reduction of worker incentives and bonuses, however for some key management roles, things like housing, job rosters and other incentives have still been on offer to lure the right type of candidates who have the experience, qualification and mindset.

It seems like for the past 12 months, mining companies have put a hold on recruitment, although there are signs that hold is starting to be lifted. A spokesman quoting the report said most mining companies have looked at the last 12 months as an opportunity to review their mining operations. They’ve make significant changes to allow them to be more competitive in a market where cost management and productivity are high on the list.

Mining companies still find it difficult to attract the right candidates

Despite an increased number of vacancies, the report stated that mining companies found it extremely challenging to find the right candidates to suit the role.

Salary packages, which used to be designed around a base amount plus superannuation, have been trimmed as mining companies seemed to be concentrating on cost management rather than incentivising and rewarding effort.

These compounded measures by the mining companies and employers created a skilled jobs placement vacuum. There was a lack of qualified tradespeople wanting to work in remote Queensland areas, however, as the incentives dried up, so did the amount of people looking to work a FIFO lifestyle.

This has created the void that exists today. The skills shortage is real. If you have skills and are qualified, then this is a perfect time to get into the mining and resource sector. There are courses you can do related to mining and the resource sector that will increase your job employment opportunities.

What jobs are there?

There are many specialised jobs in demand at the moment including;

  • Mining Engineers
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Geology
  • Trades
  • Electrical and mechanical
  • Project, Construction and Mine Managers

The Stellar Recruitment report indicated that over the next 12 month the market will steadily improve with positive signs already evident. There are still significant projects forging ahead that will create momentum with in the market.

Mining contractors have been very busy over the last few months tendering for a vast amount of opportunities. Some of these projects are being awarded and are adding to a quiet confidence in an improved 12 month period.

Look to underground mining for the next mining job wave

It’s expected technical and statutory positions to still be in high demand across the sector with many job opportunities being created in underground mining operations and wages are expected to stay constant. Some remote mining employees are likely to be compensated by employers offering some kind of allowance to offset living in a remote location.

Other incentives normally include a vehicle and bonus structure, especially for management roles.

If you want a copy of the Stellar Recruitment report, send us an email and we’ll arrange one to be sent to you via email.

For more information on training courses you can do, contact Industry Pathways on [email protected]

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