Roy Hill jobs mining boost as Pilbara mining project secures finance

Roy Hill Jobs in Mining

Roy Hill Iron Ore Project Gets Funding - iMINCOReports just in, indicate that Gina Rinehart’s Roy Hill Pilbara iron ore project is finally ready to get the green light after aligning up to $7 billion in funding.

The Roy Hill project is estimated to be around $10 billion and� has been stalled due to Japanese and Korean investment issues and guarantees.

However, it’s hoped the new iron ore mine could start digging out and exporting 55-million tonnes-a-year as early as September 2015. Once in full production, the Roy Hill mine would be the fourth largest iron ore producing mining company behind Andrew Forrests Fortescue Metals Group.

Assuming Roy Hill goes into full production, it would add even more supply to a market expected to go into surplus next year as the big 3 Australian iron ore miners continue to expand their operations and ramp up productivity.

Mining giant Rio Tinto reported this week its mining operations in Australia are set to hit 290 million tonnes of output capacity in 2013. Its closest rival, BHP Billiton also announced lately, its on target to hit a 220 mtpa production rate a log quicker than was originally thought.

The Brazilian company Vale SA, the world’s number one iron ore miner, has been fighting hard to match the productivity output of our Australian mining companies, although it is sticking to its expansion plans to raise its iron ore output from�320 million tonnes to 400 million tonnes.

Iron ore was trading at $131.90 a tonne this week, which was a two-and-a-half month high.

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So how do you get a mining job at Roy Hill?

Mining jobs in remote locations like the WA Pilbara can be challenging to get. There are a lot of people who want these� mining jobs because the pay is good. What they fail to see is the lifestyle that it creates. Roy Hill is literally stuck out in the middle of nowhere, is located 105km north-east of Newman in the Pilbara region of WA and is one of the newest FIFO iron ore mines in Australia.

Roy Hill facts

  • Mining operations for 55Mtpa hematite iron ore
  • On-site crushing, screening and processing lump and fines products
  • Iron ore stockpiling and train loading facilities
  • A 344km standard gauge, single line, dedicated heavy-haul railway from the mine site to loading facilities Port Hedland
  • Port facility located at Port Hedland for receiving, stockpiling, screening
  • Residences for 260 people in exploration camps
  • Accommodation for 4600 people in villages at South Hedland and in three locations on the railway line that will connect the mine to the port; and
  • Housing for 2000 workers at the Roy Hill mine site

The mine processing plant, rail and port facilities is designed to cope with an expected output of 55 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) of iron ore.

During the mine construction phase, it’s expected the workforce will peak at 3500 workers and indications today show that around 1600 personnel will be required to run the entire operation.

The Roy Hill Pilbara Mining Project falls into two categories, construction and operational.

For people looking to work on the Roy Hill mining project, it`s important to note that most employment opportunities for the construction phase will handled by major mining and resource contracting firms.

Here’s some tips on the best way to get a job in the mines at Roy Hill

  • Find out all you can about the Roy Hill Project. Google it, read about it till you know all there is to know. You need the knowledge to understand how the mine will operate, what equipment is going to be used, what they’re mining, and what the future holds.
  • Take what you’ve learned and add little pieces of it to your job application cover letter. When you go for your Roy Hill� interview, you will be asked questions about why you want to work for Hancock Prospecting. This is where you start to let them know that you are the person for the job, because you understand what the project is about and some of the issues the company faces. Your role is to help the company be productive and grow as a business in a competitive market. It’s all about teamwork, so you have to let them know you are a team player.
  • You also have to be comfortable taking orders and direction from you immediate supervisor or manager as this is an important part of mine life.
  • Make sure your current resume is up-to-date and focused on mining.
  • Here are some resume tips to help you with your Roy Hill mining job application.
  • Do you want to know how to impress your interviewer?”� read our tips on “how to interview well for a job at Roy Hill“.
  • You need to be physically fit and ready to start work at short notice. You may have to do a medical examination.
  • Think about what other mining, management, machinery skills training and OHS safety courses you can do to increase your career opportunities at Roy Hill.
  • For people looking to work in the Pilbara and �have no mining experience, read this article.
  • Increase your overall mining knowledge with iMINCO Project News. This is a FREE email newsletter delivered to your inbox and is full of mining and resource sector information on jobs, projects and training.
  • Learn how to drive and maintain a 4 wheel drive vehicle as the Roy Hill mine is in a remote part of Western Australia’s Pilbara. Having this qualification on your resume is important.
  • Mining companies and recruiters look to your social media profile first. Indications are that up to 80% of recruiters look to social media to get a feel for who you are and what you’re about. Make sure your social media profile does not contain anything that may hamper your opportunity to get an interview. Remove any foul language or dodgy pictures of you in compromising poses or situations.
  • After applying for a job at Roy Hill, make sure you follow it up with a phone call a day later to enquire if they have received your job application. This shows you are keen, thorough and action based, which is what mining companies are looking for.
  • If you do get an email or a phone call regarding your job application, be prepared to answer questions on the spot “� know your stuff and be confident in your abilities.
  • If you`ve have not heard back from the company within a week or so, give them a call and enquire about the progress of your application , be persistent “� but polite at the same time. The application process can take time, be patient, although don`t drop the ball and forget about it. This is your future in your hands and you and only you are responsible for creating it and making it happen.
  • Keep yourself up-to-date with news for jobs with Roy Hill and Hancock Prospecting use this knowledge when you are talking to the recruiters.
  • Remember this and you can’t go wrong.� The Human Resources department of the Roy Hill project is looking to employ reliable, skilled, committed and hard-working people who can think on their feet and contribute to the growth of the mining company. If you`re thinking only about yourself and what you can get out of a job a the mine, then you may have to re-think your attitude. The old-school way of expecting a job just because you have worked in a mine before, or you’re just out for yourself just doesn’t cut it any more.

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