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What is the Standard 11?

There’s a lot of talk in the mining industry about safety standards and how to reduce accidents in the workplace.

Risk management is high on the list of priorities for all mining companies, so let’s look at the standard that was created to make mining safer for all mining employees.

The current Standard 11 mining induction is a new and revised version of what was previously known as the ‘Generic Induction’, which was introduced in 2010.

The Generic Coal Induction covered coal mining and had a metalliferous mining component to it which usually took an extra day complete.

Health and safety compliance obligations in the coal mining industry

The Standard 11 was introduced in Queensland in 2011. The reason the course exists is to make certain all mining employees are adequately trained to cope with mining operations and to raise awareness of the hazards that exist in a mining environment. In other words, there was a need to comply with health and safety obligations in the coal mining industry.

Not only this, every person who wanted to work on a mine site in Queensland must be deemed competent in the core Units of Competency before commencing mining or quarrying jobs. This included new-starters as well as short-term contractors who would typically move between many mine sites as part of their operations.

A unified standard for the mining industry

As mining operations in Queensland and the rest of Australia revolve around a multitude of mineral extraction projects, it was necessary for a unified standard to be introduced. The new Standard 11 mining induction incorporates mine site safety requirements, no matter what type of mineral is being mined.

Is the Standard 11 accepted all over Australia?

When completing the course, it doesn’t mean it is accepted everywhere as an official qualification – nor does it mean you’ll automatically get a job.

The world’s safest mining practices

The Standard 11 is a Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines initiative and is referred to in the Coal Mining Safety & Health Act 1999. Queensland aimed to have the world’s safest mining practices by introducing a comprehensive set of competencies whereby every person entering the mining industry would be required to undergo a rigid work, health and safety awareness program.

The sole purpose of the course and it’s introduction into the Queensland mining industry is to raise the awareness of risk in the workplace. The outcome of this is a safety-conscious workforce where risk aversion and management is an integral part of daily mining operations for all personnel.

Site-specific inductions

Once a person has attained the Standard 11 qualification, he or she can be deemed competent and allowed to enter the mining and resource sector and also paves the way for further site-specific inductions.

Mine site specific induction courses help new workers on a mine learn how apply the information they have learned to that particular mine site.

Mine sites have their own Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), Hazard Management Plans and Mine Operating Procedures. These must be learned as a part of the employment induction process.

The Standard 11 Statement of Attainment

When applying for mining jobs, especially in Queensland, the qualification can be one of the requirements of employment. Many jobs advertised on the mining jobs boards make mention of the criteria for employment dependent on the applicant having a current Standard 11.

For people who have never worked on a mine site before, just completing the course theory does not mean the course is . In the first instance, after successfully completing the course, the student is issued with a Statement of Attainment.

Verification of competency

Owing to the hazards of working in and around a mine site, the new employee must also have additional sign-off from their supervisor. These assessments can centre around the verification of a person’s competency to complete a task safely. VOC’s (verification of competency) may need to be carried out to confirm absolute competency in the job role.

Only then can the registered training organisation (RTO) who delivers the course, issue a Statement of Completion. This officially recognises the person has completed both theory and also practical assessment in the workplace.

So you see, the Standard 11 is a requirement to allow people to work in almost all mining, oil and gas operations in Queensland and is rapidly gaining popularity among many other mining employers in different states of Australia.


Eligibility: Ability to read and write basic English.
Duration: 2 days.
Training Type: Practical and theory based activities.
Completion: Upon the successful completion of this course (including completion of a skills and experience form or Standard 11 log book), participants will obtain a credit card sized ‘Competency ID Card’ along with the nationally recognised Statement of Attainment.
Validity: 5 years with the option to complete a ‘paid’ refresher course before expiry.
Price: Can vary dependent on the provider

Course Outline

  • General mining overview
  • Legislation
  • General safety
  • Managing workplace hazards
  • Risk management
  • Isolation and tagging procedures
  • Traffic and mobile equipment procedures
  • Emergency procedures
  • Life saving first aid
  • Fire fighting and fire prevention
  • The environment
  • The work process

Course Overview

RIIRIS201D – Conduct Local Risk Control
Hazard ID, control and risk assessment and in a mining environment.
RIIERR302D – Respond to Local Emergencies and incidents
Prepare and respond to emergencies in a mine environment.
RIIGOV201D – Comply with Site Work Processes / Procedures
Access and apply site safety procedures, apply personal safety measures, maintain personal well-being, and complete relevant reports and forms.
RIIWHS201D – Work Safely and Follow WHS Policies and Procedures (Requires sign off )
Working safely and follow WHS policies and procedures, accessing and apply site safety procedures; applying personal safety measures and operational safety measures; maintaining personal well being for job; and identifying and reporting incidents.
RIIERR205D – Apply Initial Response First Aid
Assess the situation, apply basic first aid and complete incident reports.
RIICOM201D – Communicate in the Workplace

Identify, access and use work site communication systems and equipment, carry out work related communication, and complete written documentation.
Completion of the Standard 11 can be credited towards advanced mining training packages such as RII20213 Certificate II in Surface Extraction Operations.


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