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Mining jobs Queensland – Bowen Basin

iMINCO Mining jobs Queensland - Bowen BasinDon’t wait for mining jobs to be advertised… that’s the best advice we can give people who are looking for ways to break into a mining job in Queensland.

So, what’s one of the ways to get the jump on other people who also in the QLD mining job market?

One of the most underused resources for finding jobs in the coal industry in Queensland is for job seekers to do a little mining of their own. Data mining is something we can call learn and it’s a lot easier than you think.

Let’s take for example, a recent press release iMINCO received from a financial news website.

The news centers around how Australian Pacific Coal†Limited has partnered with Linchpin Capital Group Limited to jointly develop the South Clermont coal tenement in the Bowen Basin – which neighbours the 12mtpa Glencore operated Clermont mine.

This is news you’ll not see on mining jobs boards, or other websites that advertise mining jobs in Queensland.

New mining job opportunities in the coal mining industry

Mining news like this is pure gold (excuse the pun) for skilled and semi-skilled people who are looking for new opportunities in the coal mining industry. Jobs in the mines are a little more difficult to win these days, they have to be earned and once a job is secured we all know that we have to do everything to make sure we are the last ones to leave if the ‘lights are turned off’ on a project.

This latest news should be a strong indication to people who see the opportunity in this type of financial merger.

Skilled operators of heavy machinery will be needed

The South Clermont mine, is a proposed open-cut mining operation and will require skilled operators of heavy machinery such as dump trucks, excavators, dozers and even mechanical shovels and draglines.

Australian Pacific Coal†Limited is an Australian public company with approximately 1,500 shareholders.

Australian Pacific Coal†Limited†has a strong position and history of coal exploration tenements in Queensland’s Bowen, Galilee, Surat and Clarence – Moreton basins. This again should strike a chord with people who see even more opportunity to develop a career within the company owing to their many mine site locations.

AQC’s management seem to have a rare knack of securing strategic coal mining tenements that are close to operating mines or in areas with proven or potential in-ground resources in regions suitable for short term development.

Mining jobs with Australian Pacific Coal†Limited

Mining jobs don’t get handed to people on a plate – at least not to everyone! Seeking out a job is one of the most challenging tasks anyone can do. It takes skill and curiosity to find the right information about the mining company, the mining projects and the stability of the company.

The last thing anyone wants to do is start working for a company only to find in a year there are issues with finances or upper management struggles.

Performing ‘due diligence’ is the number one priority. What we mean by that is, leave no stone unturned when researching a mining company.

  • Go to the Australian Pacific Coal†Limited website and learn as much as you can.
  • Find out if they are a public or private company†Australian Pacific Coal†Limited (ASX:AQC)
    Just by looking through the information on this company on the Australian Stock Exchange we can see instantly see their financial position as well as some good information on where AQC are looking to develop new mines. Some of these new mines are: Clermont, Bluff, Dingo (30 km east of operating Blackwater and Curragh mines) and Carlo Creek.
  • Their Cooroorah”Ě project is also proving to be a valuable resource for the company targeting PCI and semi-soft coking coal.† Wesfarmers have announced their acquisition of a tenement from Peabody. This deal adds resource and fills the gap between their Curragh North and Curragh South mines; and
  • Australian Pacific Coal†Limited are already six months into our Rio Tinto exploration agreement at Mt.Hillalong which is close to Rio Tinto’s Hail Creek Mine.

That’s some pretty good information to get started….

Be prepared for upcoming mining jobs

Preparation is everything, and it’s no different when it comes to deciding a mining job is everything or nothing. Many people fail to prepare well in advance.

Get the right training and mining qualifications to make Australian Pacific Coal stand up and take notice. Mining companies are always on the lookout for people who have invested in themselves to improve their skills and increase their knowledge. Especially when the qualifications attained are focused on safety and risk management.

“Be prepared to do the work yourself”

Be prepared to do the work yourself and find out everything you can about the mining company and its operations. You will be asked a range of questions at the interview (if you get that far)… which leads us nicely into the next segment.

As we’ve said earlier, don’t wait until the jobs are advertised, make yourself known to the company and introduce yourself to them. This can be achieved in many ways, however, let’s look at the more conventional way of writing a letter of introduction.

Contacting Australian Pacific Coal†Limited and asking for more information about the mining projects is a good way to get started.

“be more than just an everyday employee”

If research had been carried out, you’ll have a lot more confidence and material to add into the letter of introduction. Showing you possess high-level knowledge of a company indicates you are an intelligent and inquisitive person who wants to be more than just an everyday employee.

Mining jobs in management are always available to the right people. Jobs as Supervisors and even Training and Assessment are vital skills mining companies look for.

You’d be surprised at how many people miss this important point.

A good resume is the key to a mining job

The next thing is to prepare a good mining-focused resume. The resume should be clean and precise. It must contain the right information that the employer is looking for – or at the very least contain a list of the current mining qualifications you have attained.

“your resume may fall victim to resume scanners”

Without the right qualifications, applying for a job in the mines is a waste of time and your resume may fall victim to resume scanners.

If creating a good resume is not something you can do, then there are options to use a professional resume writing service.

Learn† new ways to answer difficult interview questions

A well-written resume gets great results allows the opportunity to yourself at the interview. Of course, not everyone feels at ease in an interview and it’s important to ‘brush up’ on interview skills.

The most important advice we can give is to learn† new ways to answer difficult interview questions.

Stay up to date with mining jobs news

In a few minutes, the above information can give mining job seekers an overview of Australian Pacific Coal†Limited and its mining activities in Queensland. Research of this depth is exactly what is required to be successful in finding jobs in the Queensland mining industry.

Keeping track of these job opportunities is essential and it’s all possible by subscribing to iMINCO Project News.

“keep up-to-date on what’s happening in the industry”

Each week, the team of researchers and writers sift through hundreds of mining related news releases, jobs and articles to keep our subscribers up-to-date on what’s happening in the industry. There is no cost to join the mailing list and it’s easy to unsubscribe if the news is no longer needed.

Stay ahead of others who wait for mining jobs to hit the jobs boards – do the research; and soon you’ll be way ahead of everyone else who are competing for heavily advertised jobs in the mines.

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