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Mining jobs on the rise

Thousands of Queensland mining jobs expected

* Information from the Daily Mercury

With the future of mining in Australia looking strong, mining jobs in Queensland are on the rise.

Although Adani is ever-present in the news, there are several other coal mines that are set to increase mine job prospects. The Daily Mercury is reporting that by the end of 2018 Australia’s Pembroke Resources aims to have the mining lease over Olive Downs South which once it hits production, should have the capacity to offer up to 1000 jobs in the coal mining sector.

In addition to this, if minority stakeholders agree, Olive Downs North could begin mining operations in six to nine months. It is reported that this smaller minecould employ up to 150 workers.

Pembroke Resources is an Australian based company which is backed by US-based Denham Capital, a leading energy and resource-focussed global private equity firm. Whilst they have interests in Indonesia, the Olive Downs project is the focus. This project is made up of Olive Downs North, South and Willunga, which they bought from Peabody Energy and CITIC Recourses for an estimated $104-$120m earlier this year.

Pembroke Recourses chief executive officer Barry Tudor expects Olive Downs North to produce about one million tonnes of coal per year and Olive Downs South produce 15 million tonnes of coking coal.

This project is great news for the industry with Pembroke RecoursesChief Executive statingthat they believe “the Bowen Basin is the best place in the world to own a coking coal mine.”

“We think we’ve acquired the best one in the Basin, arguably. It’s a large, new mine.”

Whilst they haven’t yet sourcedbuyers for his coal, this shouldn’t be an issue as the demand for coking coal skyrockets.

In addition to this project, there are several other developments that have caught the eye of the Queensland State Government, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and local Council.

Isaac Regional Council mayor Anne Baker has noticed the turn in the market and said the creation of jobs through the development of several mines within multiple companieswas “definitely positive and encouraging”.

The Pembroke Resources project


Major projects

In addition tothe Olive Downs Project and the Byerwen Coal Project in the Bowen Basin, other key projects in the pipeline across Queensland include:

Dugald River zinc mine, north of Cloncurry (worth about $1.4 billion) 

Kidston Genex solar/hydro electricity project, north-west of Townsville – ($582 million) 

Baralaba expansion project – coal mine 210 km west of Gladstone 

Northern Gas Connector Pipeline – Gas pipeline from Tennant Creek to Mt Isa ($800 million)

Recommended courses and qualifications to get a start in the mines

  • Standard 11This is a well structured and engaging safety training course that will introduce new starters or workers entering the mining industry to life in the industry. This is a must do course if you want to submit an application for a mining job. Read more about mining induction safety training coursesand book your spot online.
  • Mining supervisor course (S1, S2, S3). This isone of the best investments you could make in your career and the good news is you could have this qualification on your resume within a few days.
  • Haul TruckOperations “By completing this course youwill get the national unit of competency for haul trucks which will look great on your resume and allow you to work anywhere in Australia.
  • Arrange a medical health check referred to as a Coal Board Medical. This is a requirement by the Coal Mine Workers` Health Scheme. Coal mining companies must ensure that a health assessment is carried out for each person who is to be offered employment, or is already employed in the coal mining industry. Read more about the Coal Board Medical.
  • You must have a mining focused resume prepared before you apply for a position. If your resume is not up to date and structured correctly, you risk having your resume overlooked by the automated resume scanning software that is designed to look for selected keywords contained in your resume. This is the first hurdle where many applicants fall, however, there is a solution. Invest in your future and read through our resume tips for mining jobs and have a look at the resume writing service “ it works!

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