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Bowen Basin Rail Company – Adani Gathers Steam

Adani mining jobs on the rise.

Close to the Adani mega-mine in the Galilee Basin, more jobs will be created as the Bowen Rail Company (BRC) launched its coal haulage business.

This new rail venture will connect to the Adani owned Abbot Point export terminal on the Queensland coast.

Adani paid millions for the privilege of having the coal terminal close to its Galilee Basin coal reserves at the proposed Carmichael Mine where 1000’s of Queensland mining jobs are pegged to be created.

It’s looking like BRC is Adani-owned and as we all know, Adani is an Indian-based power and industrial company which has been struggling for years to get the Carmichael mine kicked off.

A BRC spokesperson said BRC is proud to launch the Bowen Rail Company last month, kickstarting a recruitment process for more than 50 employees who will come from Bowen and the surrounding regions.

State-of-the-art trains have been bought and are scheduled to arrive in 2021. This new activity means there’ll be an increase in job ads for the Bowen Rail Company over the next few months.

The Adani Carmichael Thermal coal mine development has already locked in in excess of $1 billion in contracts for the development and construction of the Carmichael mine and rail project. Job seekers are urged to follow the information iMINCO has collected on this website.

The Adani Carmichael Coal mine is expected to create 1500 direct jobs and support thousands of indirect jobs in the Bowen region. Estimates of some 10 million tonnes of thermal are expected to be excavated, transferred to Abbot Point via the 200-kilometre rail line and existing rail infrastructure, shipped to India and selected Asian customers.

Adani said it had coal extraction capacity similar to coal mines in New South Wales’ Hunter Valley and Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

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