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Fortescue Metals – Biggest Iron Ore Shipment

Fortescue Metals Group - Biggest Iron Ore Shipment iMINCOThings have been hotting up in the West for a few years, and we’re not talking about the weather. Iron ore miner Fortescue Metals Group are starting to see the benefits of their restructuring processes.

There has been a massive increase in productivity from Australian mining companies, especially in the iron ore rich Pilbara, where Fortescue competes with BHP and Rio Tinto.

263,962 tonnes of iron ore leaves Australia for China

The Liberia registered Hugo N made its departure from Fortescue’s very own berth at Port Hedland last Thursday. It was fully laden with 263,962 tonnes of iron ore, which is a record for a single shipment. Carrying enough iron ore in its holds to build four Sydney Harbour Bridges, the Hugo N headed for the Chinese port of Qingdao.

The shipment is expected to be worth around $135 million at current iron ore prices.

The record iron ore shipment by Fortescue reinforces the argument that larger volumes exiting the port are capable of being loaded on to new, modern vessels. This is a real boost for the Port Hedland authority as well as the mining companies who use the port on a daily basis.

Port Hedland is already one of the world’s largest iron ore loading ports

With improved efficiencies and the building of new ship loaders by the big miner BHP, this can only help solidify Port Hedland as regional hub for superior pit to port technology and logistics. Port Hedland is already one of the world’s largest iron ore loading ports, with a maximum tonnage capacity of around 495 million tonnes a year. With even greater volumes of iron ore heading to the port because of new iron ore mine sites like Gina Rinehart’s Roy Hill project, Port Hedland looks set to smash through its current shipping limitations over the coming years.

In a brave new statement by Nev Power, CEO of Fortescue, he believed Port Hedland could ultimately export over 650 million tonnes of iron ore per year. In November 2013, around 28 million tonnes of iron ore was shipped out, taking the total for the first 11 months of 2103 to 288.5 million tonnes. The main contributors to the increase in tonnage were the big mining companies Fortescue and BHP Billiton, who together are Port Hedland’s biggest tenants.

The price of iron ore has gained over 25 per cent since June

Since the downward spiral of the price of iron ore in September 2012, the brown gold has endured a turbulent ride, with many smaller iron ore miners feeling the effects of high production costs and low margins. However, over the past few months, we’ve see iron ore steadily dig itself out of the doldrums and establish a credible price per tonne once again. It’s nowhere near the dazzling prices of 2 years ago, but with significant investment in new technology, the larger mining companies have managed to reduce their operating costs and realise a greater profit per tonne.

The price of iron ore has gained over 25 per cent since June 2013 and is up over 60 per cent since the slump of September last year. As of Dec 2013 the benchmark iron ore price per tonne was around $US139.

Fortescue Metals Group released their Financial Summary for 2013, showing the mining company is working hard to reduce debt and focus on building a solid workforce. CEO Andrew Forrest has made it quite clear he is in favour of an indigenous workforce and as such Fortescue have a high percentage of indigenous workers on-site as well as preferring to work with local contractors and the community to provide services to the mines.

Fortescue and indigenous employees

  • 489 Direct indigenous employees.
  • 12.5 per cent of the Fortescue workforce are indigenous people.
  • 481 Aboriginal people employed by contractors who provide services to Fortescue.
  • $1.4bn contracts awarded to indigenous companies + JV`s

For people looking for WA jobs with Fortescue Metals Group

Here are some facts about the mining company that is reinventing itself as a leader in iron ore mining in the Pilbara.

  • Fortescue Metals Group was founded in 2003 with the first ore being shipped in 2008.
  • Since 2011 their iron ore production has ramped up by 100 million tonnes per annum.
  • In 2013Fortescue Metals Group recorded a revenue of US$8.1 billion dollars, which was up 21% on the previous year.
  • They spent US 6.2 billion on infrastructure and development of their mining operations including mines, rail and port operations.
  • The target for 2014 is 155mtpa of iron ore.
  • Fortescue operate in the Chichester Ranges in the Pilbara region of WA
  • Their main iron ore producing mines are Kings, and Firetail operating in the Solomon Hub with Cloudbreak and Christmas Creek operating in the Chichester Hub.
  • The Kings mine as well as a new mine to the west called Iron Bridge are currently being developed.
  • To give you an idea of size, their mining operations is roughly the size of France; and
  • Iron ore is shipped to Herb Elliot Port where it is loaded and exported by ship.

Fortescue Metals Group are a mining company that has survived the downturn in the iron ore market and emerged stronger than ever. They are focused on delivering real results and see China’s growth as a way to leverage greater development and provide opportunities for even more job for Australians.

Already, Fortescue have highlighted some of the reasons why they see China as a sure bet and a good customer for their iron ore for many years to come.

Important facts about China and iron ore consumption

  • A strong underlying economy with 7.8 per cent GDP growth.
  • Their leadership is committed to growth and wants to build a stronger country and improve the lifestyle of its people by developing new urbanisation programs and the infrastructure to support it; and
  • Steel is being consumed in China at the rate of 2.1 million tonnes per day (766 million tonnes per year).

WA jobs with Fortescue Metals Group

With a direct focus on improving the way the company operates, highlighting speed and delivery as a priority for the group, Fortescue are still planning well ahead and foresee a bright future for all employees. Now is a good opportunity to start looking for FIFO jobs in WA with Fortescue Metals Group.

There are many types of jobs you can do with Fortescue, ranging from haul truck driver, train driver, plant operator, production manager, HSES Superintendent, Supervisor and many more.

Apply for mining careers with Fortescue Metals Group here:

If you’re willing to work a WA job in mining and are ready to take on a FIFO lifestyle, then Fortescue should be on your target list.

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Get the right training and experience

Mining is a unique industry where you’ll come across a whole new world of terminology, working and living conditions as well as being compliant with a huge range of policy guidelines and safety procedures. It’s important you prepare well in advance and get yourself up to speed with the latest qualifications.

This shows employers like Fortescue Metals Group that you are a trained professional who has invested their own money in improving themself and they are serious about forging a solid career in the mining industry.

There are a lot of training courses you can do to make yourself more employable. Depending on what type of job you would like to do, we suggest entry level workers look at the following courses. They will equip you with invaluable and expert knowledge you’ll simply not find anywhere else.

Recommended courses for people looking to work in the WA mines

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