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Tony Abbott Plans For New Mining Boom

LNP and Labour Mine JobsA continued demand for our resources, a second mining boom and therefore more Australian mining jobs could be on the horizon if there’s a change of government.

Tony Abbott recently stated the coalition plans to abolish carbon and mining taxes if it wins the September election.

Abbott has laid down the gauntlet at an interview on 2SM yesterday, and widely accused the� Labor government of attempting to kill off the mining boom with taxes and red tape. He also slammed the Labor government’s abolishing of workplace relations police – the Workplace Relations Construction Commission.

Tony Abbott also stated on 2SM recently that the coalition plans to focus on infrastructure that our country needs claiming that the duplication of the Pacific Highway and the building of WestConnex will occur under a Coalition government. Potentially this means thousands of construction jobs will be necessary to build this infrastructure, and the mining and resources industry could be facing a “second boom” if there’s a change of government, which will see a running effect of many Australian mining jobs potentially on the horizon.

If the coalition is elected “the carbon tax goes, the mining tax goes, the company tax rate is reduced and we`ll give small business in particular $1 billion a year in red tape reductions.”

“I think the mining boom could only come again under a government which gets it … which abolishes all these other unnecessary taxes,” Mr Abbott said.

One thing is for certain, Australia is undeniably resource-rich with 92% of the worlds known minerals and we must continue to capitalise on our countries treasures which have the potential to keep Australia very well off for hundreds of years. According to Tony to remain competitive we must stack up, we must not price ourselves out of the market and Abbots focus would be to remove extravagant taxes.

Even though the media and even our prime minister are claiming a so called “end” of our mining industry – realistically claims of this nature have been greatly over exaggerated. Whilst there has been a small slowing, many mines are still operating very nicely.� Many of the countries largest billion dollar mining giants certainly rebut any notion of the apparent end of our resources industry, in fact productivity reports reflect the complete opposite with an increase percentage in profits posted by many in June. Founder of Fortescue Metals Group Andrew Forrest stated recently that it was incorrect of the Prime Minister to call the end of the boom and explains China still has a rampant interest in our iron ore in WA.

“The boom should not be called that and should never be described as over,”� Mr Forrest told reporters at the opening of the fourth berth at Fortescue`s Herb Elliott port at Port Hedland. “That`s just political posturing.”�

“What you have is the part of the world that probably matters most in the next 100 years, the developing world, shifting structurally and forever into a higher standard of living. That for Western Australia means long-term extended demand,”� he said.

Reference: Tony Abbott – Planning For The Second Australian Mining Boom
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