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Roy Hill Jobs – 1700 Workers Start Construction Phase

iMINCO Roy Hill Jobs - 1700 Workers Start Construction PhaseRoy Hill iron ore mine in the Pilbara is shaping up to be a major contender in the Pilbara jobs market.

Since the announcement of the new mine, jobs have been on the increase at the remote FIFO operation, with new reports indicating a staggering 1700 worker are now busily preparing to meet production deadlines.

Roy Hill mine has continually struggled to get off the ground over the past 12 months owing to the massive costs involved in establishing the mine and associated infrastructure. The remoteness of the project has only added to the challenges faced by Gina Rinehart as she battled to raise enough equity from willing financiers.

Recently, the banks behind the cash mountain that has been created to fund the Roy Hill iron ore mine have begun to allow the next stage of work to begin. This activity has seen an avalanche of construction workers converge on the mine site to frantically build the mine, its buildings and transport network.

Major milestones include a new 55 million tonne per annum iron ore mine, a staggering 344 kilometres of railway line with direct access to a purpose-built port facility at Port Hedland.

Project managers Samsung and major subcontractors which include BGC Contracting, John Holland, Forge Group and NRW Holdings have been alerted of the intention to develop the Roy Hill mine – with plans of a full steam ahead mindset as it pushes for production in September 2015. The Roy Hill project has awarded contractors some $3 billion worth of contracts in 2013.

In terms of iron ore production in Australia, the big three mining companies Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton and Fortescue Metals Group account for the bulk of iron ore exports, however Roy Hill is expected to add another 7 per cent to the existing iron ore supply.

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