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Queensland mining companies target Galilee Basin coal mines

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Guildford Coal targets the Galilee Basin

One of the ways iMINCO assists people to get into the mining industry is to provide information on mining activity in Queensland. With so much information being loaded onto the internet, so often the job opportunities can be buried in a sea of online confusion.

The team at iMINCO have access to hundreds of mining news and information resources with the sole purpose of uncovering new ways to help people find employment and enjoy long and rewarding careers in the mining industry.

We do this by following mining information and digging deep into the internet to follow the breadcrumbs and clues that eventually lead to opportunities for job seekers.

There are many ways to find mining jobs using the internet, newspapers and word-of-mouth to name but a few.

One of the best ways to get a mining job is to start off with the major mining projects and mining companies.

Let’s give you an example to explain . . .

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One of the most talked about coal mine development projects is the Galilee Basin in Queensland. Despite the debate about potential damage to many farmer’s properties and the Great Barrier Reef (which are all valid by the way), it seems there will be new mines built in the not too distant future.

Following on from a recent iMINCO article, there was mention of a website where Australian companies were listed. This website also provided additional links to websites like the Australian Stock Exchange. The reason this was so helpful when researching mining jobs in the Galilee Basin, was it provided the perfect platform for advanced research.

Following the clues, one of the mining companies that we checked onis proactive in developing its own mining projects in the Galilee Basin.

Why is this such a big deal?

Well . . . this is where the jobs will be in the future.

Thousands of people visit iMINCO.net every week

With so many smaller mining companies getting on with business, they tend to escape media attention, yet they are a potential ‘hot potato’ for job prospecting. And that’s what it’s all about for iMINCO.

Thousands of people visit iMINCO.net every week as the information helps them understand the mining industry and provides pathways to training and skills development.

The company we targeted for the purpose of this story is Guildford Coal.

We’re betting not many people reading this would know that Guildford Coal even existed . . .right? Did you know?

Anyway . . . no need to dwell on that; let’s get on with it.

You see, discovery is all part of the mining jobs process. Being proactive and digging deeper than anyone else eventually pays big dividends.

Just as in mining, the more you dig, the more you find.

The whole point of this is to uncover many more Queensland mining companies just like Guildford Coal and target them for mining jobs.

Guildford Coal facts

Some quick facts about Guildford Coal (this took literally 15 mins to find on the internet)

  • Guildford Coal is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: GUF) Searching for the company on the ASX will reveal some amazing secrets to help job seekers get a foot in the door.
  • Guildford Coal is a truly international company with a large portfolio of projects in the coal-rich regions of Queensland, Australia and Mongolia, Central Asia.
  • In Queensland, they have assets which cover an estimated 18,000 square kilometres across the Bowen, Galilee and Maryborough Basins.
  • There is about 2.522 billion tonnes in terms of its exploration targets, which range from hard coking, thermal and PCI
  • Coal produced from the proposed mines will be for the domestic and export markets.
  • Their coal tenements are strategically positioned close to existing rail and port infrastructure, which has created a simple and cost-effective way to get the coal from pit-to-port.
  • Guildford Coal`s subsidiary in Mongolia, Terra Energy, has two projects located in the coal bearing regions of the South Gobi and Middle Gobi.
  • In Australia, Guildford Coal have currently 8 coal projects on the go
    These are:

    • Clyde Park Project;
    • Pentland Project;
    • Springsure Project;
    • Hughenden Project (Galilee/Eromanga Basins);
    • Sunrise Project (Surat/Bowen Basin);
    • Monto Project (Nagoorin Graben and Mulgildie Basin);
    • Sierra Project (Bowen Basin); and
    • Kolan Project (Maryborough Basin).
  • In December 2012, Guildford Coal agreed to partner to major logistics company, Asciano Limited, to develop an integrated `pit to port` solution for the Hughenden Project.
  • Their mine development plans include open-cut mining operations which provides many job opportunities for heavy machinery operators like dump truck drivers, dozer operators as well as shovel and loader operators.
  • Guildford Coal holds a 64.4 percent stake in Clyde Park Coal Pty Ltd with the remaining shares in the subsidiary mostly held by Tiaro Coal Limited (ASX : TCM).
  • Tiaro Coal Limited have 5 mining projects in Queensland which presents another opportunity for employment.
  • Clyde Park Coal Pty Ltd
  • Guildford Coal invite people to add their details to their database via their website. This is an incredible opportunity to get in at the ground level and get noticed by their Human Resource department. As many of the Guildford Coal projects are still in the development and planning stage, jobs could be some way off, however, don’t let that fact put you off. Prepare a good resume and make sure you mention Guildford Coal in the cover letter.People who have little knowledge of how recruitment and Human Resources departments operate can quickly get up to speed by downloading the free information guides below.
  • Follow Guildford Coal on LinkedIn and get the latest news as it happens.
  • They have a Facebook page, however it’s not very inspiring so you won’t learn much there

Guildford Coal has many joint venture partners in its mining operations. This fact alone can uncover even more opportunities for mining employment.

Queensland mining jobs

The combined, proposed Galilee Basin mining projects have the potential to attract international investment of some $28 billion and provide over 15,000 jobs during construction and more than 13,000 operational jobs for the life of the mines. This would be a massive boost for Queensland mining and provide years of economic growth for the region.

Where is the Galilee Basin?

The 247,000 square kilometre Galilee Basin is located about 200 kilometres west of the Bowen Basin, extending north past Hughenden, south to Charleville and west beyond Winton and Middleton.

Galilee Basin mines map, GVK, Adani, China First Guildford Coal - iMINCO

Government backs Galilee Basin development

The Queensland government is committed to facilitating the development of the Galilee Basin`s coal resources and related infrastructure. In late 2013 the Premier of Queensland Campbell Newman announced the Galilee Basin Development Strategy plan. One of the key initiatives within the plan is the potential to class the area as the Galilee Basin State Development Area (GBSDA).

A State Development Area was officially recognised in June 2014. The SDA is known as a clearly defined area of land for industry, infrastructure corridors and major public works which are established to promote economic development in the state of Queensland. Covering some 106,000 hectares, the SDA directly affects 74 landholders, which is considerably less than the 1.8 million hectares and 1400 landholders affected by the initial plan.

The primary function of the GBSDA will be to open up the way for development of a corridor to access the southern area of the Galilee Basin and a corridor to access the central area of the Galilee Basin. The sole purpose of the corridors is to facilitate the transportation of coal to the Port of Abbot Point near Bowen.

The development of the Galilee Basin coal reserves is the primary reason for this government initiative. Despite the environmental concerns around the mine(s) development, it is clear the economic benefits to the state of Queensland are simply too good to pass up. This being the case, the governmentis determined to pave the way for mining companies like Adani, GVK Hancock and China First Coal Project (Clive Palmer) to build the mega-mines that are currently awaiting federal approval.

What’s next?

Mining jobs in the Galilee Basin will eventually take off. With the right mix of research, skills and qualifications the opportunities for employment are significant for those seeking a well-paid career in the Queensland mining industry.

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