QCLNG awards Decmil $65 million gas contract

QCLNG awards Decmil $65 million contract

Queensland LNG still pumping with multi-million dollar development contracts awarded

The Australian LNG industry is still accelerating at full speed despite construction of the Curtis Island LNG plants nearing completion. Owing to the vast distance from the Curtis Island processing facility to the coal-seam gas wells in the Queensland Surat Basin, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Discovering more CSG trapped beneath the Queensland basins means additional exploration, construction and a managed maintenance plan to ensure the gas keeps flowing.

One of the biggest contractors working on the QCLNG project, Decmil has been awarded a $65 million extension to its QCLNG wellsite installation contract.

The contract itself however will be handled by Decmil’s subsidiary company Eastcoast Development Engineering who specialise in the fabrication & installation of high pressure pipes, vessels & tanks used for a range of applications in the oil & gas, mining & minerals, heavy industrial, water & power generation industries.

The new contract allows Decmil to continue to provide more contracting services like construction management services and field logistics for QCLNG’s CSG project.

Decmil are also starting to move into supporting the gas operations by partnering QGC with gas wellhead construction.

Queensland gas and general construction jobs with Decmil

Notes for job seekers.

Decmil offers a diversified range of services to the Australian resource and infrastructure industries. They specialise in design, civil engineering and construction; accommodation services; mechanical fabrication; and maintenance. It’s not just gas they specialise in. They are well on their way to securing more and more contracts with the Australian government, building temporary accommodation blocks for the Immigration Dept as well as the Defense Dept. There are many job opportunities for construction workers and fabricators with experience to join the Decmil team.

Once again we see these multi-million dollar contracts being handed out to engineering, construction and maintenance companies, yet this news never reaches mainstream TV. The result is, if you are one of the thousands of people who are looking for opportunities for employment in the Australian gas industry, you could easily miss this news.

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For job seekers, this one article reveals many details and tips on how to start to get a slice of the gas jobs action in Queensland. Gas jobs are going to be ongoing as Queensland develops more and more coal-seam gas wells that link to the Curtis Island processing plants. Jobs in maintenance, drilling and systems management will be advertised throughout 2015.

Who are Decmil and Eastcoast Development Engineering?

One of the best ways to uncover where the jobs are is to research and gather further information for yourself about the companies mentioned in this iMINCO article. Armed with this information you will soon discover that an hour’s worth of research can reveal new ways to find employment through non-conventional channels. Don’t wait until jobs are advertised, do some undercover work of your own and we guarantee extraordinary results.

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  • Established in 1979, Decmil has been going for 35 years. Read more on decmil.com.au
  • Decmil have offices in WA and QLD
  • Decmil are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, you can discover a lot of information on the company by reading their announcements and company reports, which are all available�as free downloads. LINK: decmil.com.au/reports_category/asx-announcements/
  • Decmil have increased their revenue to over $560 million
  • In 2014 Decmil started to work with the Australian government, accounting for 25% of its activities in 2014
  • Key companies Decmil are contracting with are, Dept of Defence, Roy Hill, BHP Billiton, Dept of Immigration, Atlas Iron, Shell Darwin, Rio Tinto, Origin Energy and Shell.
  • Decmil are looking to expand into PNG, East Timor and New Zealand
  • Look for jobs at decmil.com.au/
  • Look for gas and construction jobs with Decmil and EDE on SEEK.com.au
  • Find out as much as you can about Eastcoast Development Engineering: 265 Queensport Rd North
    Murrarie�Qld 4172
  • Go to Eastcoast Development Engineering website: LINK: edeeng.com.au

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