Light vehicle 4WD training course Brisbane

Light Vehicle Course (4WD)


Light vehicle 4WD training course Brisbane

Driving a four wheel drive vehicle on a remote mine site can be hazardous, therefore the correct training is essential.

50% of vehicle accidents on mine sites involve 4WD vehicles

Mining & Resource sector driver training in the safe operation of a light vehicle is essential to safely deal with the adverse off-road conditions and variety of terrain you will face on a daily basis.

Light and four-wheel-drive vehicles have been involved in a significant proportion of fatal and high potential incidents that could all have been avoided.

Incident statistics as below:

  • Rollover – 50%
  • Light vehicle hitting another vehicle – 17%
  • Parked Light Vehicle being run over by a heavy vehicle- 13%
  • Others – 20%

Real Light Vehicle Mining Accidents

The following are examples of actual accidents that occurred on mines sites in Australia

A light vehicle is classified as a vehicle under 4.5 tonnes and includes a vehicle equipped to transport up to 12 people.� Four wheel drive sedans, family cars, station wagons, utes (2 & 4 wheel drive), vans and mini-buses all fall into this category.

Mining and resource industry employers are now more than ever, placing a heavy emphasis on being safety-compliant when employees are driving a light vehicle in an off-road or withing a mining environment.

Just by completing this course and having it added to your resume will show your future employer you have invested your time and money in attaining a nationally recognised Operate Light Vehicle training course. This ensures you are competent to operate a light vehicle in challenging and adverse driving conditions. It could be the important little extra that gets you an interview before another applicant.

Course Competency:�RIIVEH201D - Operate a Light Vehicle

This unit covers the operation of a light vehicle in the mining, resources (oil and gas) and infrastructure industries.

The course includes planning and preparing for operations, operating a light vehicle and carrying out operator maintenance and is held on a realistic mine site where other mobile plant operators could� also be training.

Successful candidates are awarded a nationally recognised VET "Statement of Attainment" for the�RIIVEH201D competency unit.

Course Price: � $350

Duration: 7 hours

Course Competency: RIIVEH305D "��Operate & maintain a 4WD vehicle

This unit covers the operation and maintenance of four-wheel drive vehicles in the mining, resources (oil and gas) and infrastructure industries.

It includes identifying four-wheel drive specific terms, terminology and techniques planning for minimal environmental impact, performing pre-departure checks, using the features of a light vehicle to drive in a wide variety of terrain types, performing maintenance and minor repairs on four-wheel-drive and light vehicles.

Course Price: $420

Duration: 7 hours

Corporate and group bookings are also available - Call [email protected] to reserve your course spot today!

Light Vehicle Training FAQ's

  • How often is the course run?
    The training course is run every week.
  • Who can do a course?
    If you are currently licensed to drive on Australian roads, then you can drive with us.
  • Do I need to bring my own vehicle?
    The� vehicles are provided, or your can bring your own.
  • Where is the course held?
    The training course is held on 100 hectares of realistic mine site just west of Brisbane. There are various inclines, declines, rutted roads, wet and dry areas and steep slopes to give you the best experience in tough off-road situations. You'll also be sharing the training site with other heavy mining equipment like haul trucks, excavators and water trucks. Exposure to other moving vehicles gives you the best possible training to prepare you for driving in the mining or resources industry.
  • Are the courses held anywhere else in Australia?
    The training is available only in Brisbane at this stage.
  • What facilities are available during the day?
    Your training is going to be conducted on a realistic mine site, complete with facilities buildings and refreshment areas. When you book this course you'll receive further information by email.
  • Do I need to bring anything with me, special clothing or PPE?
    You'll be training on a realistic mine-site; your safety and the safety of others who are training in the same vicinity is of the utmost importance. You will need to bring your own PPE - a hard hat, reflective clothing, boots, eye-wear and gloves.
  • Is there an age limit for the course?
    If you are currently licensed to drive a car, then you can enrol in the course.
  • Do you cover towing of trailers?
    No, the training course does not cover towing trainers at this time.
  • What happens after I compete the light vehicle/4WD training course?
    Successful candidates will receive a nationally recognised VET "Statement of Attainment" for the units completed. You will also e given complimentary access to the Industry Pathways "Post Training Job Support" network and "Student Services" website, complete with resume tips, the latest mining news and information to help you further your career in the industry.

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RIIVEH305D - Operate & maintain a 4WD vehicle

RIIVEH201D - Operate a Light Vehicle