Mining Induction - Generic Mining Induciton Training Course

Mining Induction

Before applying for mining jobs – read on!

Mining companies look carefully at the previous safety training of all applicants before they decide to employ you. Safety training is your number one priority.

What you will learn in a safety training course

  • Safety Compliance
  • Mining Terminology
  • WH&S Compliance
  • Hazard Management
  • Risk Management
  • Record Keeping
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Fire Fighting
  • Radio Communication

1. Mining Induction - what is it?

The Mining Induction course is a nationally recognised qualification.

2. Training locations

Courses are run in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Hervey Bay.

The Safety Induction course runs over 2 days, to make it convenient for you if you're working.

The training is very interactive and enjoyable (it's not like being at school).

3. What Happens Next?

Once you've done the course, you are required to complete a number of workplace activities on a mine site as part of achieving competency before a statement of attainment can be issued.

If you're not employed (in the mining industry) at the time you do the course, you'll have to first get a mining job and complete the 'workplace activities' part of the course before you can officially complete and finish the course in its entirety.

We recommend you should always check first with the specific site, industry or State regulations you intend to work in, to determine their specific requirements. Like construction sites, mine site also have their own site specific requirements over and above these mining induction courses which must also be completed to enter onto their site. Some States do not have any specific generic induction requirements and are thereby determined on a mine by mine basis, however this induction usually covers many of the subjects/topics required by many of those sites. BMA`s Queensland 6 coal mines have their own process for mining and site specific inductions. Should you be intending to go straight to one of BMA`s Queensland Coal Mines you should contact them to enquire about their specific site requirements which may mean enrolling into their own induction program or a mixture of both.

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The Mining Induction mining course is designed by mining employers and follows the QLD Mining Inspectorate directive.

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