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LNG Jobs For The Long Term

lng jobsIncreased Chinese investment in Queensland`s QCLNG Project on Curtis Island, plus the official opening of BHP-Billiton`s Macedon domestic gas project 100km offshore of north-west WA, point to even more LNG jobs in Australia.

The $1.5 billion Macedon plant includes four offshore production wells and an onshore gas treatment plant at Onslow, WA.The project was expected to supply domestic gas for the wholesale market in Western Australia until at least 2033.

“The operation will supply 20 per cent of the state’s daily domestic gas supply for consumers and industry,” Mr Steve Pastor, BHP`s head of conventional oil and gas said recently.

“BHP Billiton is playing an important role in securing a diverse and reliable energy supply for Western Australia,” he said.

Six hundred employees and contractors were involved in the construction of the project, including an indigenous workforce comprising 10%. During this time, $864m, approximately 60% of the overall project spending, was invested into local businesses and amenities.

BHP Billiton has a strong presence in Western Australia, including oil and gas assets and interests in the North West Shelf and the Exmouth Sub-Basin, which supports a large number of jobs in oil and gas.

Next steps for the project include BHP Billiton investing via their BHP Billiton`s State Development Agreement, which is a community engagement initiative and builds on health and wellbeing with their neighbours. This initiative along with further development could see further gas jobs in the area.

China demand

The China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC),has increased its stake in BG Group`s QCLNG project being constructed on Curtis Island in Qld,after increasing its share in the group`s Surat and Bowen Basin tenements to the tune of $1.9 billion.

The deal, which also involves increased equity in gas processing infrastructure, means the state-owned company has increased its stake from 5 per cent to 25 per cent.

CNOOC has also acquired a 40 per cent equity interest in QCLNG Train 1, increasing its equity ownership from 10 per cent to 50 per cent.

The two companies will jointly invest to construct two LNG ships in China, adding to two vessels already committed under an LNG agreement signed in 2010, and CNOOC will have the option to participate up to 25 per cent in one of the potential expansion trains at QCLNG.

BG Group’s Australian arm QGC remains operator and retains majority ownership of the QCLNG project.

Analysts predict winter gas shortages in northern China will continue until 2020, leading to increased demand for LNG and higher spot prices.

Energy consultant group Wood Mackenzie said demand from China`s northern cities would increase tenfold over the next decade, leading to a reliance on the spot market rather than long-term contracts.

“China will be forced to rely more on the spot market due to limitations in domestic production and (long-term) contracted supply, ” the consultant said.

Predicting that China`s gas production would not be able to keep up with demand, it said that opportunities for suppliers would increase, The Australian reported.

Adding to this is the fact only two LNG facilities are set to come online in the Asia-Pacific region next year, one of those being BG Group`s QCLNG on Curtis Island in Queensland, hence China`s interest in increasing its equity in the company.

Federal Resources Minister Gary Gray said seven of the world’s 12 LNG projects were now under construction in Australia, and by 2018 production would approach 90 million tonnes a year, while emerging economies are set to account for 80 per cent of increased global gas demand over the next 20 years.

LNG jobs in Australia, find out more

The gas industry in West Australian has very different requirements in terms of safety courses (compared to Queensland and NSW for instance) that must to be completed before you can even step foot into a gas/mining environment. In the Queensland gas industry (CSG) most of the time you need to have the right Australian mining training and qualifications before applying for any of the WA LNG jobs.

However, any form of mining, whether it be coal, iron ore, Coal Seam Gas or even in the LNG workforce, requires knowledge of industry procedures, risk assessment and safety.

Course like the mining induction safety course fully prepare you for a start in the resource industry. This particular course, although slanted towards mining, is a good introduction to safety awareness and procedural policy and procedures in the resource sector. A qualification like the Standard 11 mining induction and any related course that has the RII unit of competency attached to it will give you a sharp competitive edge over others.

Other courses you can do to increase your LNG job opportunities are;

So if you`re targeting Australian gas jobs or LNG jobs in Australia you’re definitely on track for a solid career path. Our best tip is to get a professional resume writer to look at your resume now. (For a limited time you can have your resume appraised for no cost)

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