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Global demand is positive news for aluminium jobs

Aluminium jobs to follow increased demand from U.S. and China

Some of the big car manufacturers in the US such as General Motors and Ford have been re-tooling their businesses of late, to include more aluminium in their products. This, combined with a growing construction industry in China, is leading to increased demand for the lightweight metal and will result in an increase in aluminium jobs.

Aluminium is made from the mineral bauxite which, in Australia, is mainly mined in the south west of Western Australia, which has large deposits in the Darling Ranges area.

Alcoa and BHP two biggest players

Alcoa and BHP are the two biggest players in bauxite mining and alumina refining in WA, with another�company, Bauxite Resources, now also looking to establish an alumina refinery in a joint venture with Chinese partner, Yankuang, to take advantage of the global demand. There are other bauxite mines and refineries in Weipa and Gove and recently, in Tasmania.

Alcoa has two major mines in WA, Willowdale and Huntly. The Huntly mine, near Dwellingup, is the world`s largest bauxite mine. Ore from Huntly and Willowdale is refined to produce about 10 million tonnes of alumina each year.� This represents around 45% of Australia`s alumina production and 30% of aluminium production.� Alumina production from Alcoa`s WA refineries accounts for 11% of total world demand. A recent Alcoa report pointed to a projected seven per cent growth demand forecast for bauxite this year.

Alcoa jobs:

BHP`s bauxite operation is Worsley Alumina near Boddington in WA. BHP Billiton’s 2014 annual report noted a six per cent increase in alumina production from their projects.

Two other mines, one in Weipa, Qld run by Rio Tinto/Alcan and another in Gove, NT run by Pacific Aluminium, have the highest grade ore.

BHP jobs:

Pacific Aluminium jobs:

Rio Tinto/Alcan jobs:

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