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Confined space entry training, Brisbane.

Confined space entry training more important to CSG and mining construction employers.

As you may already be aware, the need for a confined space entry qualification in both the mining and CSG industries has increased in recent times with the expansion of major projects and more employers within these industries looking to spend less on training and preparing their workforce post-employment. This means for people looking to up-skill or gain employment in either mining or CSG a minimum level of qualifications along with the appropriate experience will be required to be eligible for most employment opportunities.

Confined space entry training (RIIOHS202A “� Enter & Work in Confined Spaces) is a must for anyone working in construction or maintenance roles within the resource industry. The right qualification and training will be imperative to ensure you can apply the confined space training to the workplace to control the hazards and minimise the risk you can potentially be exposed to in a confined space environment.

Tailored for your specific workplace

Industry Pathways have tailored all confined space training to meet the needs of your specific work environment and help you apply your workplace obligations for safe work. With the use of our unique confined space training facility in Brisbane, high quality equipment and experienced trainers, Industry Pathways have developed a confined space training course that covers all the information you need in a practically based, hands on training environment on a live coal mine.

When you attend the Brisbane confined space training course you will be using all the relevant equipment and fulfilling all the roles required for safe and compliant confined space entry work including; Confined Space Entry & Retrieval, Standby/ Sentry work, Lateral and Vertical entry, Gas test atmospheres, Personal isolation, Permit Issuing & Risk assessment along with the use of all the equipment you could possibly need or use on site. So whether you currently work in the industry or are looking to get a start, a nationally recognised confined space entry qualification from industry pathways will give you the experience and confidence you need.

So get ahead of the pack and call now on [email protected] to speak with a course co-ordinator to book your spot on our next Brisbane course. Get the qualifications and experience you need to grow your career and open the door to greater opportunities within the mining, gas or construction industries.




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