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270 mining jobs in Queensland on offer with BHP Billiton

BMA hunts for experienced mine workers in QLD

270 mining jobs in Queensland on offer with BHP Billiton

BHP Billiton has Townsville on its sights to fill 200 FIFO mining jobs in the coal rich Bowen Basin. It’s search for skilled staff continues.

There are around� 270 jobs in the mines in the Bowen Basin on offer at the BHP’s Peak Downs and Saraji mines and already 70 of these jobs have gone to locals who responded to recruitment ads in Mackay and other small towns in the area.

Yet BHP Billiton still struggles, facing a skills shortage for the other 200 mining jobs caused by the resources boom downgrade. They are now targeting Townsville because of its strong base of workers left from the closing of Queensland Nickel.

It’s thought as many as 40 Townsville locals may already have been picked up by BHP with regular flights to Moranbah being organised as soon as possible. Queensland Resources Council Chief Executive Ian Macfarlane yesterday welcomed the announcement.

We�re seeing local people employed in these mines

�We�re seeing local people employed in these mines and we�re also seeing the opportunity for people in Townsville � to participate in this rebound of employment in the coal industry,� he said.

�This is a proactive step to fill those positions. A lot of people have moved out of the coal mining regions.

�While they have employed people from local areas, they have advised us that they can�t get enough skilled labour locally and they�ll be using people from the skilled labour pool in Townsville, just as we�ve seen with Adani, to actually fill that shortfall.

A spokesman for BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) said they were actively advertising FIFO roles out of Townsville.

�In the State Government�s 2016 budget update, the Townsville region was identified as having one of the highest unemployment rates in regional Queensland.

�We believe initiatives aimed at expanding the number of people securing employment opportunities in the mining sector are an important way of continuing to strengthen our operations.�A p

A push for the region to be Adani�s major FIFO hub

Mayor Jenny Hill said she was delighted with the latest announcement as she continued to push for the region to be Adani�s major FIFO hub.

�This is a really good news story for Townsville,� she said.

�We have always said the best opportunity for the Bowen Basin for FIFO is really out of Townsville”

�We have the experienced workers and capacity to train workers for this sort of employment. We have got to keep fighting, selling the city and being really proactive and I think things will turn.�

Good news for Townsville locals looking to once again take advantage of the many opportunities coal mining can afford in the Queensland coal mining sector. BMA has always supported local employment, yet it has been also renowned for creating a swathe of FIFO jobs for it’s Daunia mine. This was a trend that seemed to continue for much of 2016 with new recruits being inducted into the BMA culture by way of an intensive on-boarding program.

Those familiar with mining safety are well aware of the legal requirements for all new and existing mine workers to hold a valid Standard 11 Mining Induction qualification. This qualification focused on WHS and is available by contacting iMINCO.

As well as the Queensland Standard 11, the BMA Mining Induction is an additional requirement for all BMA employees, where it introduces the specific site requirements as well as BMA’s own version of the Standard 11.

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Looking for mining jobs in Queensland with BMA?

Many people ask us how to get a mining job in Queensland with no experience, especially when companies like BMA are hiring again? There are a lot of factors and answers to this question. It depends on your previous experience, qualifications, whether you have the correct certifications, tickets and also the right attitude.

There could be a lot of opportunity for new starters to get a foot-in-the-door, so even if you have never worked in the mining industry, with the right mix of certification, experience and ability � you could score a mining job in Queensland.

BHP have been well-known for allowing new employees, with no previous experience, the opportunity to get into the mines.

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