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Women in mining network initiative

Women in mining. Mining jobs for women - dump truck driver

Mining jobs for women

The NSW Minerals Council has announced a new network designed to help connect women already in mining and to attract more to the resource sector.

“The mining industry is growing and we`re going to need to attract and retain more women in mining jobs to be able to meet the global demand for Australian minerals in the years to come,” NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee said.

Unveiled at Skills on Show 2012, the Women in Mining Network aims to encourage more women into the resources sector.

“Women currently make up around 11% of our workforce and some even work at the coal face, but there aren’t enough women in non-traditional roles. I want to break the perception that mining is just a blokey pursuit. In 1996-97 around 6 per cent of NSW women were employed in the mining industry, and in 2011-12 the number has risen to 11 per cent.

Women hold ten percent of jobs in the construction industry and 11 percent of jobs in the mining sector in NSW, as opposed to 78 percent of jobs in health care and social assistance and 68 percent in education and training.

Benefits of a career in mining

”WIMIN_NSWwill encourage more women to discover the benefits of a career in mining “ competitive salaries, exciting fields like geology, surveying, environmental science, engineering and trades, and the opportunity to build a lifestyle living and working in regional NSW.

Download the NSW Women in Mining Report 2012 here. This has vital information for women looking for a career in mining.

There are a range of networking events for women in resources in both capital centres and regions in Australia. Websites are listed below:

QUEENSLAND: Go to Women in Mining Queensland website

VICTORIA: Go to Women in Resources Victoria website

WESTERN AUSTRALIA: Go to Women in Mining website

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iMINCO Mining Information – Women in mining


  1. Antoinette April 28, 2012 Reply

    How do I get started in this career ??

    • Jay August 10, 2012

      Hi Antoinette, thanks for your comment.
      If you’re looking for a mining career, the first place to start is decide what job you want to do. There are many jobs you can do from admin to driving haul trucks, as well as management and OH&S roles – to name a few. Network yourself and join organisations like the Women in Mining organisation. Find out where the jobs are, Google Women’s mining group, or find them on social media websites like facebook and twitter. Get a good mining focused resume created – here’s some tips on how to write a mining resume. Let us know how you’ve got on, we’d like to hear your experiences.

      iMINCO Mining Information
      r.e. How do I get started in mining [Mine jobs for women]

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