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Standard 11 Induction Training “ Ticket To A Mining Career

Standard 11If you are interested in a career in mining and wondering how to get started, here is something important you need to know. Completing the Standard 11 induction training program can significantly improve your chances of securing a mining job.

Below is a detailed account of the training program, its importance, and the benefits of completing it. By the time you finish reading this article, you will have a good idea of what it takes to start a career in the mining industry.

What Is It?

The Standard 11 is a mining induction training course designed to help you develop core risk assessment and safety skills required for a mining job. It gives you a first-hand experience of what it is like to work in the mines and prepares you for a career in the industry.

The training course focuses on a number of subjects like work place procedures, workplace communication, and occupational health and safety policies and procedures. It teaches you how to respond to a workplace emergency, how to conduct local risk assessment, how to apply first aid, how to escape from hazardous situations, how to rescue people from hazardous situations, and many other valuable skills.

Why Is It Important?

The standard was introduced to help mining companies establish a training system that identifies, trains, and produces efficient and competent workers. Most mining companies in the country, especially in states like Queensland, look for people who have completed the Standard 11 training. So, completing the course can increase your chances of getting hired significantly.

What Are the Benefits of the Training Course?

It improves your job prospects greatly. Especially, if you are a cleanskin with no experience in the industry, completing the course can help you stand out from the competition.

It exposes you to the tough working conditions and brings you up to speed with the risks you are likely to face on site. It helps you prepare yourself in the best possible manner for a mining job.

It teaches you the value and importance of safety. It teaches you the skills you need to stay safe and injury free on site.

It gives you a good idea of what employers are looking for. Also, many of the training courses today cover coal, metalliferous and oil and gas industries. Completing such a course can widen your career options to a great extent.

How to Get Started with the Training Program?

There are a number of training companies that offer the Standard 11 training course. You need to look for a company that offers a comprehensive training program that not only covers all the core competencies required for a mining job, but also gives you the best value for your money.

For example, look for a course that covers coal, metalliferous, and oil and gas. It will allow you to work for a wide range of industries, not just coal mines. Make sure the course is taught by people with real mining experience. Make sure the course is nationally accredited and recognised by the AQTF (Australian Quality Training Framework). Completing such a professional Standard 11 training program can put you in the best possible position to start your career.

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Standard 11

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