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Fly In Fly Out Jobs On The Rise

Fly In Fly Out jobs on the increrase

Virgin Blue Alliance with Skywest Airlines

Aussie regional Skywest Airlines has entered into an exclusive 10 year strategic alliance with Virgin Blue.

In´┐Żits initial´┐Żservice to the Australian regions, Skywest will operate up to 18 new Virgin Blue-branded turbo jet aircraft to a number of existing and new destinations. The agreement also includes the ability for Skywest to code-share on Virgin Blue’s domestic network.

Big Increases

18 Aircraft is a massive addition to any fleet. Richard Branson has a plan. He is investing in the future of mining and he is not afraid to put big´┐Żdollars towards it.´┐Ż

I am confident he has done his homework and´┐Ż this serves as a reminder of the very bright´┐Żfuture of mining in Australia. It will never fail because there is so much´┐Żbig money invested in it.

How soon?

Skywest expects the first aircraft will arrive mid 2011 with four Virgin Blue-branded aircraft in operation by the end of the year. It will not own the aircraft but will be a service provider and code-share partner. The operating arrangements between Virgin Blue and Skywest are initially for a term of ten years.

A positive outlook and a confidence boost to anyone thinking of mining as a career. Preparation´┐Żis important.´┐ŻBe sure your resume is good enough to get you past the first hurdle. It needs to´┐Żbe´┐Żcomplete and focussed on your ultimate career goals.

Make sure you jump on any opporunity to rise…. take for instance this new partnership. They will need new captains, air staff, construction crews, ground staff, new airports, new hotels…..the list goes on.

Mining Resume Services can assist you to create a resume that you can be confident will work for you. You may be surprised at´┐Żthe characteristics of mining which can be extracted from previous work experience.

Generic Inductions are available in Qld and NSW

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  1. Joe July 21, 2011 Reply

    Hi there im currently going to be doing a induction course with iminco i want to get into the mines asap do you have to work underground i dnt have a dump truck licence or anything is there T.A jobs going at all in mining companys for me after my induction course/standard 11

  2. Steph July 12, 2011 Reply

    Hey there,
    How often do you run your mining induction courses? … My partner will be traveling to Mackey or Sunshine coast

  3. Teariki-Monga Jessie June 8, 2011 Reply

    I am very interested in your DUMP TRUCK AND MINING COURSES and hoping to have an opportunity to work in the mines. I was wondering if you have a payment plan option and if you can give me any other details that may be of any help to pursue a career in the mines.

  4. richard dolan June 2, 2011 Reply

    im looking to get started in the mining industry could you please let me know what is the best way for me to go about it. much appreciated

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