Rio Tinto Jobs - WA's North a new jobs hotspot

Rio Tinto Jobs – WA’s North a new jobs hotspot

iMINCORio Tinto has set a monumental milestone, loading their first shipment of iron ore in Australia from their†newly expanded port, rail and mine facilities in Western Australia.

The next phase for Rio Tinto involves civil construction works to expand the port and railroad projects. It’s here you can expect to see construction jobs at Rio Tinto offered first.

The venture has been deemed as ground breaking for Rio Tinto; solidifying its position as one of the world’s largest iron ore mining projects in the world.

This will be the beginning of an expansion program, which will increase overall production of iron ore in Rio Tinto to 290 million tonnes annually and provide further Rio Tinto jobs.

The 290 project is the largest integrated mining project in Australia

Rio Tinto Iron Ore`s CEO Andrew Harding explains, “The 290 project is the largest integrated mining project in Australia. The delivery of 290 ahead of its original schedule and within budget is a testament to our focus on value-driven growth of our low-cost operations.

Harding went on to say this about Rio Tinto and the Robe River Joint Venture, “Given the demanding operating environment in Western Australia over the recent period, this stands as a noteworthy achievement.”

According to Mr Harding Rio Tinto’s plans are targeted on ramping up iron ore extraction, processing and logistics productivity and are constantly looking at new ways to squeeze extra value from their† “Mine of the Future”Ě technology program. The “Mine of the Future program has cost Rio Tinto billions of dollars, so they’re looking to recoup that investment as quickly as they can.

The first shipment of Rio Tinto left on the Tai Shan, which a cape class vessel shipping 165,000 tonnes of iron ore. The shipment headed for Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation`s Kimistu works in Japan.

Construction jobs as infrastructure expansion takes off

The next phase for Rio Tinto involves civil construction works.

The major part of this Phase 2 is to develop the infrastructure (roads, rail, processing facilities) to allow output capacity to reach a staggering 360 million tonnes a year. Apart from these significant investments, there are still a number of strategic options available to grow the mine capacity – which means further jobs at Rio Tinto will need to be filled to meet these hefty demands.

Some of the options under evaluation are discussed below:

  • Incremental iron ore tonnage capacity achieved from additional low-cost productivity improvements
  • Extension of the existing mines in the Pilbara
  • Prospective development of new iron ore mines in Western Australia

With Rio Tinto achieving this most recent milestone of† loading their first iron ore shipment from their new port and with their progressive intentions outlined above, you can be certain Rio Tinto jobs will be consistently hitting job boards.

Rio Tinto Jobs

Rio Tinto jobs are certainly competitive and with HR managers receiving thousands of applications daily, landing yourself an interview can be extremely tough – unless you have insights into what Rio Tinto are looking for in terms of qualifications, experience and mindset.

“are you ready and equipped with the right safety knowledge?”

With Rio Tinto’s expansion activity ramping up we suggest you firstly invest in the right training courses. There is no better way to land yourself a job with Rio Tinto than to show a hiring manager that you are ready and equipped with the right safety knowledge and trained in specific mine site technologies and procedures! It makes their job so much easier when they can pick from applicants who meet the requirements.

Here’s how to go about getting a job at Rio Tinto

Step 1 – Research the types of†mining training courses on offer and the various courses you should take to ensure you are safety trained and mine ready. Investing in reputable mining training stands out on your resume and sets you apart from the hundreds…hang on thousands of other applicants.

Step 2 – Invest in an amazing mining resume to give you a competitive advantage when applying for jobs at Rio Tinto (for a limited time you can have your resume appraised for no cost).

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