Mining Jobs WA – Rio Tinto awards $235M contract to Monadelphous

Mining Jobs WA – Rio Tinto awards $235M contract

Pilbara mine jobsRIO TINTO MINING JOBS WA: Good news for mining jobs in iron ore as Monadelphous announced� a million dollar construction contract deal with Rio Tinto Iron Ore.

This contract ensures Rio Tinto stays well on target to increase the amount of iron ore that can be shipped from its Cape Lambert Port in Western Australia.

Monumental iron ore expansion plans for Rio Tinto in the Pilbara

Cape Lambert was originally structured for an output capacity of 55 million tonnes per annum, however with the expansion of the company’s project B (located adjacent to the originally facility), Rio Tinto is planning on doubling this figure, to align with its monumental iron ore expansion plans for the Pilbara.

The value of the contract is $235 million where Monadelphous would be providing WA mining jobs, specifically for all structural, mechanical and piping works installing:

  • a screenhouse
  • two car dumpers
  • associated conveyor and transfer station

According to Mondelphous Managing Director Rob Velletry, “This award builds on our long term relationship with Rio Tinto. We look forward to the delivery of another large scale project which continues our support for Rio Tinto in the expansion and maintenance of its Pilbara iron ore operations.”� The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2014.

Monadelphous previously signed a $260 million deal

Monadelphous has already signed a $260 million deal with Rio Tinto earlier this year in February for constructing the miner`s Western Turner Brockman project in the Pilbara region.

Rio Tinto iron ore mining is currently on track to to ensure Cape Lambert port had “the largest export capacity of the three iron ore port assets owned by Rio Tinto.”�

Cape Lambert is just one of Pilbara’s exploding iron ore regions in Western Australia. Rio Tinto operates a world-class network of 14 iron ore mines, three port facilities, a 1,400 kilometre rail network and related infrastructure while currently employing more than 12,000 workers in Western Australia`s Pilbara region; with mining jobs WA consistently in demand.

With billions of dollars being injected into the iron ore expansion plan in the Pilbara and with�Rio Tinto as the second largest iron ore producer in the world, (with most of their production in Australia), mining jobs WA are continual.

Monadelphous (ASX:MND) is also a company to watch closely. Their track record of winning million dollar contracts with Rio Tinto ensures they will also be advertising mining jobs WA in the future; with the company’s shares jumping by around 3 percent last week.

With Activity Ramping Up,We Have Put Together Must-Know Checklist Before Applying For WA Mining Jobs in Pilbara

    • The biggest tip we can give you is do your research on Pilbara Mining Jobs WA first! You have to understand what other mining projects Rio Tinto and Monadelphous are involved in. Uncovering information such as what they do, what they`re mining, where their mining operations are and where their future growth is will give you an edge. Take this new knowledge and add little snippets of it to your job application cover letter. This will show the recruitment manager that you have taken the time to conduct your own research and are keen to learn more about the company. When you are selected� for an interview, you will be asked questions about why you want to work at Rio Tinto or Monadelphous. This is where your previous research and knowledge will come in very handy.
    • Make sure your resume is up-to-date and focused on mining. Where appropriate, mention the term ‘iron ore’ in there if it applies to your experience.
    • Here are some resume tips to help you with your Rio Tinto/Monadelphous mining jobs applications.
    • Do you want to know how to impress big mining companies like Rio Tinto? Read our tips on “how to get that mining job“.
    • Mining work can be physical – Rio Tinto and Monadelphous expect you to physically fit and ready to start work. If you apply for jobs in some mining areas, you may need to complete a medical examination, or a drug and alcohol test.
    • Think about what other machinery skills training, mining, management and WHS safety courses you can do to increase your career opportunities with mining companies.
    • We’ve written a few articles on how to get into mining with no experience. Read these articles, they’re full of good information on how to break into the mining industry.
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Reference: More Mining Jobs WA with Monadelphous $235M contract

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Monadelphous Group Limited (ASX:MND)

Rio Tinto Iron Ore (ASX:RIO).

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