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Queensland Jobs In Mining

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Mackay & Coalfields, Queensland location.

This is a Bowen Basin job located in the Mackay & Coalfields area. Do you live close to this location, or are you willing to FIFO from within Queensland?

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Queensland Jobs In MiningQueensland mining jobs

Mining jobs in Queensland had a shot of adrenaline with the BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) Daunia mine going into full coal production.

Mining jobs in Australia, especially in Central Queensland’s coal-rich Bowen Basin, look like increasing through to the end of 2014.

Queensland coal mines have been hitting the news lately with new production activity in the region and the acceleration of major projects. BMA recently released a statement saying “Our Queensland Coal operations achieved a significant milestone … with first production achieved at the Daunia mine, ahead of schedule,”.

Expected mine-life of 21 years

Daunia has an expected mine-life of 21 years and could sustain plenty of long-term mining jobs in Australia. The new mine is part of a BMA plan to start increasing total output from its Queensland mines to 66 million tonnes of export coal per annum, bringing many new BMA jobs to the region.

A Federal resource report had hinted that mining investment would slow and would continue to do so in the coming years. However, its author – Bureau of Resource and Energy Economics (BREE) expert John Arthur – was far from pessimistic.

“We’re turning that (earlier) investment into sustainable mining projects that will deliver economic benefits such as more jobs in Australia and revenue to the Australian economy for years to come,” he said.

In total, BMA has invested $5.8 billion, on top of the $3.4 billion it was investing heavilty to expand the Broadmeadow mine and Hay Point Coal Terminal, near Mackay. BMA coal have stated that their mining operations had a capacity to expand their coal production capabilities to 66 million tonnes per annum by the end of the 2014

In the initial recruitment phase, BMA had advertised the mining jobs in Queensland and were inundated with 18,000 job applications. BMA jobs are highly prized and the sheer volume of applications showed just how many people still believe.  Queensland mining has a long-term future.   The total number of workers required in the BMA Queensland coal fields Daunia mine was approximately 1050, the company has set up “assessment centres” in Brisbane and Cairns to narrow down its search for the best workers for the project.

The Daunia coal mine operation is expected to have its 450 FIFO workers by the end of June, a move which has angered locals and the CFMEU, who believe workers should be sourced from local communities.

BHP- Billiton had previously agreed to source 30% of the total workforce from the local township of Moranbah (Bowen Basin) in Queensland, to work on its Daunia and Caval Ridge mines, but the company stated earlier this year that workforce conditions meant that this was not the best step.

Workers will now be flown in from Brisbane and Cairns.

Defending the move, BMA said it would spread the industry’s benefits to the rest of Queensland, particularly those areas with high unemployment.


  • Value: $1.6 billion.
  • Location: 150km SW of Mackay.
  • Workers: 1000 (construction), 450 in FIFO workforce (operation).
  • Size: 2690 hectares.
  • Coal, Coking Coal reserves: 2,669 Mt
  • Construction Phase: Two years.
  • Length of production: 21 years.
  • Style: open-cut, metal-making coal (Thermal Coal).
  • Capacity: 4.5 million tonnes of coal per year.
  • Processing equipment: hoppers; crushers; conveyors; dense medium baths, cyclones and water washing cyclones ; storage and an automated rail loading facility

Broadmeadow Mining Operations (BMA)

Undergrouind long wall mining started at Broadmeadow on the Goonyella mining lease, in August 2005.The mine is located in the coal-rich Bowen Basin of Central Queensland, covering a staggering 75,000 square kilometres. Most of BHp’s mines are open-pit, with the exception of the Broadmeadow and Crinum mines, which are underground long wall operations. BHP Billiton owns 50 per cent of BMA. Coal is washed and then transported by railway to Hay Point located 38 km south of Mackay and is one of the world’s largest coal export ports.
Mine status
In March 2011 BHP announced the investment of US$900 million, of which BHP Billiton’s share was US$450 million, to extend the mine life of Broadmeadows by another 21 years. The investment would provide much needed Queensland mining jobs and also increase coal mining output capacity by 0.4 million tonnes per annum, to a new total capacity of 4.8Mtpa.

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Reference: Queensland Jobs in Mining | BMA Jobs at Daunia Mine, Queensland Coal Fields, Bowen Basin

About the Bowen Basin mining region, Queensland.

The Queensland Bowen Basin contains the largest coal reserves in Australia. This major coal producing region contains one of the world’s largest deposits of bituminous coal.

The Basin contains much of the known Permian coal resources in Queensland including virtually all of the known mineable prime coking coal. It was named for the Bowen River, itself named after Queensland’s first Governor, Sir George Bowen.

The Bowen Basin covers a total area of over 60,000 square kilometres and is located in Central Queensland; running from Collinsville to Theodore. The entire region is home to many coal mines operated by multiple mining companies.

Here's a list of mining companies with operations in the Bowen Basin.

  • Peabody Energy Australia Pty Ltd
  • New Hope Corporation Limited
  • QCoal Pty Ltd
  • Hail Creek Holdings Pty Ltd
  • Mt Rawdon Operations Pty Ltd
  • Glencore Coal Queensland Pty Limited
  • Fitzroy Queensland Resources Limited
  • Conquest Mining Limited
  • Ravenswood Gold Pty Ltd
  • BHP Coal Pty Ltd/li>
  • Baralaba Coal Company Pty Ltd
  • Anglo American Metallurgical Coal Pty Ltd
  • Santos Limited (JV with Santos Limited, Petronas Total and Kogas)
  • TEC Coal Pty Ltd
  • TerraCom Australia
  • Coronado Curragh Pty Ltd
  • Yarrabee Coal Company Pty Ltd

For a more detailed view of the above list, here's the link to Queensland State Development mines list


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