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Xstrata Jobs

NT Mining Jobs - McArthur River Mining- Northern Territory jobs in mining

300 mining jobs for NT mine expansion

More Xstrata jobs have been created after the Northern Territory Government gave Glencore Xstrata`s $360 million McArthur River mine expansion the thumbs up.

The 3 step development project will increase the size of the mine’szinc and lead production numbers by over 200 per cent.This will make the mine one of the biggest zinc producers in the world. This new expansion project as well as increasing the number of jobs in mining, will increase capacity from 2.5 million tonnes of ore to 5.5 million tonnes per year from 2014.

Individual production of zinc on an annual basic will increase to 380 000 tonnes with lead production increasing to 93 000 tonnes. It’s estimated there are 49.6 million tonnes of ore deposits at the Xstrata Glencore mine.

Mine expansion facts

  • increase MRM`s mine plan to 112 million tonnes at 5.5 million tonnes per year
  • extend the life of mine by eleven years from 2027 to 2038
  • expand the current pit within the existing bund from a footprint of 145 hectares to 210 hectares and the depth from 210 metres to 420 metres
  • increase our operational workforce by 67% at its peak from 440 currently to 735 by 2020 and sustaining a high level of Indigenous workforce participation
  • extend the life of our MRM Community Benefits Trust to 2038
  • increase the capacity of the existing tailings storage facility, including an already planned, new, lined water management dam
  • generate approximately 530 million tonnes of additional overburden to be accommodated in one existing and two new overburden emplacement facilities
  • build a new gas fired power station with Energy Developments Ltd (EDL) at the mine to increase electrical generating capacity to 40 MW
  • build a temporary construction camp and upgrading existing mining accommodation facilities.

735 new Xstrata mining jobs by 2020

The Phase 3 Development Project is expected to generate a 67% increase in mining jobs on site to 735 positions by 2020. Indigenous workforce participation (currently 23%) is also set to be increased. and boost industry output by AUD8.4 billion within the Northern Territory economy and $9.3 billion nationally over the life of mine.

The expansion will also double the depth of the mine from 210 metres to 420 metres.

NT mines minister Willem Westra Van Holthe said the project will deliver additional income to the Northern Territory mining services industry.

The McArthur River mine expansion will add further processing technology allowing production of a separate zinc concentrate for the very first time.

McArthur River mine facts

This mine is one of the world’s biggest zinc, lead and silver mines and is situated 70 kilometres southwest of Borroloola, near the Gulf of Carpentaria. It was discovered in the 1950s, when it used to be called the HYC (“Here’s Your Chance”) deposit. The mine officially opened in 1995 as an underground mining operation, however, the main extraction method if now open-cut.

The mine has the capacity to produce 2.5 million tonnes of ore per year from the open pit operations, delivering 70 percent of worldwide demand for high-grade zinc-lead-silver concentrate to major markets in Europe, Japan and China. Bulk concentrate is refined to make zinc and lead metal and alloys.

The open pit excavation is being developed in six stages, with the first three targeting the shallowest ore. Conventional drilling, blasting, loading and haulage methods will be used to develop the extraction further. The overburden is broken up by blasting and is then excavated in horizontal benches to expose the ore.

Excavators with up to 550 tonne capacity load 175-220 tonne haul trucks with ore and waste which is transported to stockpiles or the waste rock dumping areas. The majority of the overburden rock from the open pit is stored at an overburden emplacement facility (OEF) located to the north of the mine, ready for rehabilitation at the end of the mine life-cycle.

On-site ore and waste separation ensures a relatively pure ore is fed to the processing plant.

How to find XstrataGlencore mining jobs

XstrataGlencore area global and diversified natural resource company with approximately 190,000 staff (including contractors) spread across a global network of more than 90 offices located in over 50 countries. Their diversified operations comprise of over 150 mining and metallurgical sites, offshore oil production facilities, farms and agricultural operations.

Xstrata jobs can be found in the careers section on the website.

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