New Acland coal mine approval - more Toowoomba Jobs

New Acland coal mine approval means more Toowoomba jobs

Queensland mining jobs boosted – Toowoomba coal mine now needs government approval to extend

Back in 2014 iMINCO reported on the story of New Acland Coal, a mining operation west of Toowoomba in the Darling Ranges that was seeking government approval to continue with expansion plans. The current plan was subject to 137 strict conditions to manage the project`s impact on the surrounding environment and local farmland.

The mining company had only two more years (2017) worth of mining operations left before the closing of the mine was inevitable. If this happened, over 300 local jobs would be lost. The company has been fighting long and hard to get approval to further develop the resource which feeds the nearby power station.

100’s more local jobs

If the New Acland $896 million Stage 3 proposal investment was successful, it would meanhundreds more local jobs and push the life of the open-cut coal mine out to around 2029.

Approval means New Acland could ramp up coal production from 4.8 million tonnes a year to around 7.5 million tonnes; in the process injecting an estimated $530 million into the south-east Queensland economy every year, resulting in some $8 billion over the lifespan of the mine.

The New Acland project is now under consideration by the Commonwealth Minister for the Environment, Mr. Greg Hunt.

As if that wasn’t enough, New Acland owners New Hope Group, will have to seek further approval for a mining lease from the Qld state government.

250 workers during the peak construction phase

Queensland deputy premier Jeff Seeney came out saying that the coal mine extension will need about 250 workers during the peak construction phase, and provide extensive opportunities for local businesses in the nearby towns of Oakey and Dalby.

All up, when the mine is in full swing, the workforce at New Acland is expected to be around 435. That’s great news for the local community.

Queensland mining jobs at New Acland

Mining jobs are generally advertised when a project has been announced by the mining company. Even then, there will be sub-contracts awarded to local mining specialists who may be given the opportunity to supply and manage mining vehicles and other plant and equipment.

“jobs for skilled and experienced machinery operators”

It is with these companies that job seekers will find further information on where to find the jobs. As New Acland is an open-cut mine, there will be jobs for skilled and experienced machinery operators.

People with haul truck, excavator, loader, grader and water truck qualifications would be advised to start to make their own enquiries about the current state of the mine, what equipment is being used at present and what new equipment may be required.

“the best opportunity at securing employment”

As we’ve said countless times before, the way to give yourself the best opportunity at securing employment on projects like this is to do your own research.

For instance, the New Acland Coal Mine is owned and managed by New Acland Coal Pty Ltd. New Acland are owned by the New Hope Group who are a Queensland energy company which has been based in South East Queensland for over 60 years.

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