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Mining jobs ranked as Australia’s highest paying industry

Whilst some people might think the boom is over, a recent report by SEEK has ranked mining jobs as the highest paid in Australia. So, if this is anything to go by, the industry is still booming!

According to SEEK, miners are being offered an average of $115,005 and $133,169 if they`re in management.

“Mining, resources and energy is still Australia`s highest paying industry. The decline in job advertising associated with the mining downturn looks to have finally turned and earning prospects remain strong for those working in this industry,” said SEEK spokesperson Sarah Macartney.

“In Western Australia, this January, the industry enjoyed the greatest advertising growth, with job ads on SEEK up 45 per cent year on year,”  she said.

This is great news for mining jobs in Australia. Whether you’re already working in the industry, wanting to return, or are a new starter, there are plenty of opportunities.

Mining jobs in Australia- what you need to know

Mine jobs are not difficult to come by in Australia. In fact, the mining industry is one of the largest and most financially secure in the entire country. With domestic and overseas demand for minerals and natural energy resources continuing to grow, the need for skilled workers promises not to abate any time soon.

The biggest misconception about the industry is that all mine jobs involve hands on work at mine sites. This is far from truth. While there is always a need for labourers, equipment operators, truck drivers, shotfirers and miners, there are a host of other employment opportunities to be found as well. On-site work alone can include nursing, electricians and caterers as well as other less labor-intensive positions.

There is also a whole other side to mining, which involves exploration and securing of potential mine sites. In this field, engineers, surveyors and lab workers all come together to find mineral veins, map out sites and test soil samples. Engineering alone can cover a wide range of fields including civil, electrical, environmental and geological.

And then there are the front office mine jobs, such as human resources, health and safety administration, legal services and accounting. They may seem remote from the day-to-day operation of a mine site, but these positions are no less important to the overall function of a mining company. So the possibilities for potential employment are quite varied.

When it comes to working a mining site itself, there can be many different facets to your employment. Most companies, recognising the danger and the physical toll that this work takes on their employees, will go a long way to make sure that the creature comforts are provided. Some even establish mining camps or communities with all sorts of amenities that employees can enjoy in their down time.

Those who don`t want full-time, on site mine jobs can opt for FIFO, or fly in/fly out positions that enable you to travel into and out of the site on a rotating basis. This way you can keep your family grounded in one location and minimize the stress on everyone involved while still making a good living at your chosen profession.

Mining continues to be a thriving and productive industry and the major companies will spare no expense to ensure that it remains that way. So if you`re looking for work that pays well and will give you some stability, there is no better place to turn. Become a part of one of the biggest communities in the world by joining the Australian mining industry today.