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National Energy Resources Australia releases 10 year plan for Australian Mining

National Energy Resources Australia releases 10 year plan for Australian Mining

In response to the production increase, the National Energy Resources Australia (NERA) has released a 10-year roadmap to continue to boost Australian Mining competitiveness in coal, oil and gas, and uranium energy resources industries.

The Energy Resources Sector Competitiveness plan, launched last week at the Australasian Oil and Gas expo, aims to ensure the Australian mining resources sector remains competitive in the long term.

Matt Canavan,Minister for resources and Northern Australia said this plan is a great step for Australian mining, to help give it direction no matter what the�commodity prices.

“NERA`s plan has identified how the sector can work together to enhance operational models and technology capabilities; improve capacity, skills and culture; and address the regulatory environment in which it operates,”� Canavan said.

“The Australian Government has established six growth centres to encourage collaboration in areas of competitive strength.

“I welcome this plan to provide a long-term road map for the sector, to ensure it continues to create jobs and opportunities in regional Australia.”�

The plan can be viewed here.

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