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Mining In Queensland

Safety Comes First When Mining In Queensland

Mining In QueenslandMining in Queensland can be a risky undertaking, whether a particular operation is underground or above, at a quarry site. As with all mining, each type of site carries its specific risks and as a result, the major companies are always paying close attention to health and safety standards. This applies nowhere more so than in Australia, which maintains one of the highest health and safety standards in the industry.

Any time that you have people working far underground and removing layers of rock from the Earth`s foundation, there is an understandable risk. Cave-ins, explosions and other accidents are an unfortunate side effect of the profession and have claimed many lives over the years. However, as our understanding of the science of excavation has increased, the risk of fatal accidents has consequently decreased.

The application of technology has also been a tremendous asset for mining in Queensland. There are many types of technology that allow for safer performance of basic functions and better analysis of overall operations so that potential threats can be avoided. These technological advances have been so successful that other companies around the world are now implementing Australia`s discoveries.

Of course, accidents are just one part of the equation when it comes to mine safety. There must also be an ongoing concern for the health of mineworkers. Working in enclosed spaces can increase exposure to dangerous fumes and other airborne toxins, while using heavy equipment can cause repetitive motion injuries as well as noise related damage, even when used at open-air sites.

When it comes to safety and health standards, mining in Queensland far outshines the competition. Annual reports on mine safety and health related issues keep both the government and those within the mining industry aware of any potential problems and abreast of any new developments that can benefit workers and their families.

With over 57,000 employees in the region, staying on top of these concerns is more important than ever. And the most recent numbers show that the effort is paying off, with fatalities, permanent incapacities from work related injuries and severity rate of injuries all on the decline in recent years.

The state of mining in Queensland is remarkably good when it comes to health and safety. This reflects that all of the companies, large and small, take a strong stance when it comes to caring for their employees. It`s a tradition that Australia is particularly proud of and one that promises to continue for as long as the industry exists.

Rich in history, productive in output and at the forefront of safety, mining in Queensland remains one of the foremost industries in the world today. If you`ve ever considered working in the mines, this is the place to be, where you can breathe easily knowing that your safety is always a primary concern.


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