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Queensland Mines

Queensland Mines: Rich With Job Opportunities

Queensland MinesQueensland mines are among the largest employers in the entire country. The boon in jobs is a direct result of the rich bounty of natural resources to be found both above and below ground in the region. Mining operations there include 50 coal centres, 25 mineral deposits and 30 above ground quarries for extracting. Coal is by far the biggest product, representing nearly 90% of the country`s annual coal output.

With all of these resources to be tapped, there is understandably a large opportunity for employment. Each individual operation has a range of jobs from front office to actual excavation and digging and everything in between. And with several new mines in the process of being established, the need for qualified workers is only increasing each year.

Given the inherent dangers of working in mining, it might seem like too much of a risk for potential employment. But there is plenty to be derived from Queensland mines, despite the dangers. Mining communities tend to be quite close, with employees often forming their own small towns where they and their families live together. This, in turn, can lead to long lasting friendships that often can`t be found in other workplaces.

Because employers are also aware of the risks that their employees undertake, they generally go out of their way to make it well worth their while. This means offering good salaries and surprisingly accommodating work rosters. Workers are allowed plenty of time off from the job site in order to refresh and replenish. And those employers who provide food and housing usually make sure it is the very best they can offer.

All of this keeps potential workers coming to see what Queensland mines have to offer. What they find is a range of jobs from laborers to scientists, hospitality crew to nurses. There is more than one way to carve your niche in the mining industry and all of them provide essential services to the overall operation of the company.

With safety a primary concern, onsite nurses are practically a requirement. It is important to have trained medical staff on hand at all times to provide first aid as well as seeing to the miner`s basic medical needs. Ensuring that the mine is keeping up with safety and health regulations is also crucial as healthy miners make for a successful operation.

Not all jobs at Queensland mines require onsite residence. While mining communities are a unique part of the industry, it also offers what is called FIFO, or “fly in/fly out” positions, that enable workers to be flown to and from remote sites for a period of time while they continue to reside elsewhere. This can be an attractive option for individuals who don`t want to uproot their entire family for the sake of a job.

No matter how you approach it, mining is more than just a job, it`s a lifestyle and for many workers a commitment that spans generations. It is one of the few industries that continues to see regular growth and it remains the single biggest source of revenue in Australia. So if you want to tap into a rich resource for jobs, consider mining and you won`t be disappointed!iminco logo

Queensland Mines


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