Glencore's Integra mine set to reopen

Glencore’s Integra mine set to reopen

Get a job in the mines with numerous mines reopening

In response to the ongoing rise in coal prices and increase in demand, Australian coal mine Integra, operated byGlencore, will reopen its doors next year.

After being on care and maintenance since 2014, the decision comes only days afterCollinsville mine in Queensland, also runby Glencore,resumed operations.

Integra, formally called Glennies Creek, is an underground operation and expects to generateabout 1.3 million tonnes of coal in 2017.

Seven mines to reopen doors including Glencore’s Integra

On top of this it is predicted that seven other coal mines in Queensland and New South Wales will resume operations in the next few months.These include Collinsville and Isaac Plains.

The increase in demand for Australian coking and thermal coal has been as a result of restrictions on production in China. The reopening of these mines will see hundreds of jobs become available in the industry.

Coal prices on the rise

Recently theprices for coking coal reached $230 a tonne, up from $75 a tonne a few short months ago. On top of this,thermal coalwhich isused in power generation, has increased 27% since the start of October and now sits at more than $100 per tonne.

This rise in price and liftin demand will helpkeep downward pressure on Australia’s unemployment rate and provide a much needed economic boost benefitting mining, trade and the federal budget.

Glencore to reopen yet another coal mine in Australia

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