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Mining has changed – now everyone is 100% safety focused. People coming out to work in the mines need to know what they’re doing. Understanding SOP’s and filling out JSEA’s might just save your life!

What you’ll learn…

  • Safety Compliance
  • Mining Terminology
  • WH&S Compliance
  • Hazard Management
  • Risk Management
  • Record Keeping
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Fire Fighting
  • Radio Communication
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If you're ready to do your Standard 11 Mining Induction and you'd like to book your spot on one of the nationwide courses, click the button below to register. iMINCO Mining Information   Learn about the mining industry. If you want to work in the mining and resource industry and you're just starting to look for a mining job; this information will really help you on your journey. iMINCO Mining Information   Learn about mining induction training. If you're not certain what the Mining Induction safety training is and you're unaware of why you need it, you must read the following information. iMINCO Mining Information

Mine Safety Induction

Mining Induction

Here’s how Mining Induction safety training will make you stand out to mining companies:

  • The Mining Induction course is designed by mining employers and follows the Mines Inspectorate directive. This means what you will learn on this course are the skills and knowledge the mining companies want and NEED you to have. Completion of the course will mean you will be educated in mining WHS best practices, keeping you and other mine workers safe from potential injury and harm on a mine site.
  • Unlike many other training courses, this mining induction course (Standard 11) also cover metalliferous. This means you can work on more mine sites and not just coal mines.
  • The training is designed to exceed the safety standards required. We do this to put YOU in the best position to improve your career.
  • The team of trainers have real mining experience which means not only are they excellent trainers, they can also help you understand life in the mines.
  • Highly practical classes meaning if you are a new starter you will be able to apply your knowledge and show your employers real skills which could make a big difference and make you more employable.


S11 Induction

The details

Mining Induction – Surface Operation Course Subjects:

  • RIIRIS201B  Conduct Local Risk Control
    Hazard ID,  control and risk assessment and in a mining environment.
  • RIIERR302A Respond to Local Emergencies
    Prepare and respond to emergencies in a mine environment.
  • RIIGOV201A Comply with Site Work Processes / Procedures
    Access and apply site safety procedures, apply personal safety measures, maintain personal well-being, and complete relevant reports and forms.
  • RIIOHS201A Work Safely and Follow OHS Policies and Procedures
  • RIIERR205A Apply Initial Response First Aid
    Assess the situation, apply basic first aid and complete incident reports.
  • RIICOM201A Communicate in the Workplace
    Identify, access and use work site communication systems and equipment, carry out work related communication, and complete written documentation.
  • BSBSUS201A Participate in Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices
    Effectively measure current resource use and to carry out improvements including reducing the negative environmental impact of work practice.

How long does the Mining Induction course take?

The course is held in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Hervey Bay, Adelaide, Canberra and Townsville. It is generally run over two days and in some capital cities on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Special dates can be arranged for companies wishing to arrange a group booking.

Pre-Course Assessment

There is a pre-course assessment to allow you to download and complete part of the course in your own time. This ensures that you’re going to finish the course with a high level of mining knowledge by covering additional subject material. Like construction sites, mine site also have their own site specific requirements over and above these mining induction courses which must also be completed to enter onto their site. Some States do not have any specific generic induction requirements and are thereby determined on a mine by mine basis, however this induction usually covers many of the subjects/topics required by many of those sites. BMA’s Queensland 6 coal mines have their own process for mining and site specific inductions. Should you be intending to go straight to one of BMA’s Queensland Coal Mines you should contact them to enquire about their specific site requirements which may mean enrolling into their own induction program or a mixture of both. We recommend you should always check first with the specific site, industry or State regulations you intend to work in, to determine their specific requirements.

What happens after the course has been completed

The Mining Induction Standard 11 courses will prepare you for your next steps into the mining industry. After completing the course, students will receive a Statement of Completion Certificate which covers the theory part of the 6 units. This will be posted to the address supplied when you register for the course. You will also receive a plastic Mining Induction Partial Completion card (the size of a credit card) with your photo identification on it.

As part of the preparation to be ‘mine-ready’, you will be supplied wtih a Workplace Assessment log book. This log book is for you to complete when you are working on-site as either as an employee of a mining company or contractor. This book will also have to be signed off by your supervisor or person who is responsible for you being on site.

When the completed log book has been returned to the training organisation that issued the Statement of Completion, only then will a Statement of Attainment will be issued.  A new Mining Induction Full Completion card will be provided to you, confirming the theory and practical components of the Standard 11 have been satisfactorily completed .

The Standard 11 is valid for 5 years in Queensland. If you have not allowed your Standard 11 to run out and you have over six months before it expires, you can do a 1 day mining refresher course which will save you a lot of time and money. If you allow your Standard 11 to expire, you may be required to complete the whole course in full.



Invest in your future with better training to help get into the mines faster. Not only is this the BEST TRAINING, it is also the BEST VALUE course in Australia with Post Training Job Support.

Everyone who successfully completes the Mining Induction course receives:

  • A pre-reading mining safety and information workbook and assessment for you to complete before your course begins
  • A course that is designed to rapidly increase you mining knowledge.
  • Highly practical classes meaning you will be able to apply your mining knowledge and show your employers real skills.
  • The benefits of experienced and engaging trainers to make learning easy.
  • The trainers have real mining experience which means not only are they excellent trainers, they can also help you understand life in the mines.
  • Unlike many other mining training courses, it also cover metalliferous. This means you will have a greater selection of mine sites to work on.

Course Duration: 2 Days (with pre-course and workplace assessment))

Course Investment: $795

This includes…

  • Post-Training Job Support, including…
  • Complimentary access to Industry Pathways (the Registered Training Organisation who will be running this course) student services website giving you access to highly researched materials that will help you find and apply for mining jobs.
  • Hints on how to create a mining focused resume to really help you get your foot in the door with mining companies.
  • Mining interview tips to give you the confidence to talk to any mining company or recruiter in a positive and authoritative manner which reflects your ability to instantly get on with other people, which is important in mining environment where teamwork is a part of daily mining life.
  • A discount card for 5% off all mining training courses with Industry Pathways, so you can save even more money on additional courses.
  • A discount card for 10% off all mining resume services with Industry Pathways.
  • We show you where you can buy your PPE and save $$$.
  • Access to a complete lists of mining companies and an interactive map that highlights over 600 mines including contact details, what they do and addresses.
  • iMINCO Project News. Each week you’ll receive emails about where the mining jobs are, from entry-level mining jobs with no experience through to trades, construction, processing and mine-site management.
The Post-Training Job Support is literally worth hundreds of dollars. It will save you a considerable amount of time when you’re looking for ideas and tips on how to get that dream job in the mines.
It’s available FREE to all students who complete the Mining Induction course. Don’t miss out!


Book your Standard 11 mining induction course today.

Call (07) 5520 2522 if you have any questions before you enrol or email us. We are here to help!

Please read the Industry Pathways refund policy before booking this course.

Mining Job Information

Mining Induction (Standard 11)
As iMINCO is an information provider and not an RTO, we utilise the extensive training and industry experience of Industry Pathways (NPN: 32513), who are a leading provider of mining training.