Mining dump truck training course Brisbane - RIIMPO338D
Dump truck training course Brisbane - iMINCO

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Combine Courses and Save

[Bronze package]   Dump Truck – min 2 days

[Silver package]   Dump Truck + Standard 11 – min 4 days

[Gold package]   Dump Truck + Water Truck – min 2 days

[Platinum package]   Dump Truck + Water Truck + Standard 11 – min 4 days (BEST VALUE)


RIIMPO338D - Conduct Rigid Haul Truck Operations

This dump truck course is for you

  • This type of course is exactly what you need to do get the essential experience and confidence operating the big mining trucks
  • The dump trucks you will be learning on are some of the biggest trucks in Australia
  • Your trainers are seasoned dump truck drivers with experience and knowledge you can tap into
  • This dump truck course is held on a site operating under the Mines Act and most of the time you will be driving in the proximity of other mining machinery; this is amazing experience for you, unlike you'll never experience anywhere else
  • zipMoney finance options, 'Train Now - Pay Later' available to approved applicants.

What makes this dump truck course great value?

  • It's the Nationally Recognised RIIMPO338D Conduct Rigid Haul Truck Operations course, so you can take this qualification with you wherever you go in Australia
  • You learn on big MINE-sized dump trucks, just like you'll be driving on real mine sites
  • You will operate this dump truck alongside other mining machinery in a pre-strip environment
  • You learn HOW to get a job after your training (step-by-step guides will be available)
  • You learn industry RADIO commands to keep you in contact with other machinery
  • You learn about the MINING sector in general, not just driving safely
  • You learn how to CONFORM to mine site rules at all times

What you need to know about the dump truck course?

  • You will be learning on the biggest, yet easy to operate mining trucks you can train on
  • You will complete this dump truck course and graduate with the confidence to operate large machinery safely
  • This course will give you a massive boost when applying for jobs because you can demonstrate you have time behind the wheel of big dump trucks
  • You will be more employable because you will have the Nationally Recognised qualification:  RIIMPO338D - Conduct Rigid Haul Truck Operations

More reasons to complete a dump truck course

  • Mining jobs are on the rise across Australia (we can show you where to find them and how to apply)
  • Online jobs boards like SEEK and Indeed are full of dump truck operator jobs
  • This haul truck qualification means you can also drive dump trucks on civil construction sites as well as in a quarry
  • This is a carefully designed, intensive course gives you maximum time behind the wheel
  • Enjoy high-level instruction on safe driving, haul truck inspection, theory and operation
  • Practice on a huge site, complete with challenging terrain and other plant and equipment operating nearby
  • Learn advanced emergency braking techniques to show employers you can handle their multi-million dollar trucks
  • This course features RII (Black Coal Competencies), so you can work on many more coal and metaliferous mines
  • The Nationally Recognised unit of competency RIIMPO338D - Conduct Haul Truck Operations mean you can work anywhere in Australia


This dump truck training course is held a short drive west of Brisbane near Ipswich.

This course is Nationally Recognised

RIIMPO338D - Conduct Rigid Haul Truck Operations

Are all dump trucks the same?

There are many different sizes, makes and models of dump truck that are used on different mine sites across Australia, although they all function relatively the same. The most common dump trucks are Caterpillar (CAT) and Komatsu.

There are many different types of dump trucks operating on a mine site, some are new and some are older model trucks. You'll also find diesel powered trucks and the more recent electric/hybrid trucks, however, their basic operation remains the same.

Although, the variety of models and manufactures of dump trucks can vary, their operation is much the same. The most important aspect of driving these massive trucks is being able to be always aware of other road, plant and machinery operators working in close to you. One of the most common accidents we see on a mine site are collisions with other vehicles - we don't want this to happen to you.

This is why this type of awareness training is absolutely essential - you will learn this at the course. This is covered in great detail in your course because your safety and the safety of other workers is always the number one priority.

Dump truck operator jobs

iMINCO has a list of  dump truck operator jobs and another big list of dump truck jobs in QLD, NSW and WA.

Take the time to look through these jobs and see for yourself where you can work and what you'll be expected to do. iMINCO can send you the latest dump truck jobs daily to help you learn about the industry and the types of machinery you'll be expected to drive. We also offer tips and help with your resume and give you plenty of suggestions on how to make the best impression at your interview.

Course Fees and Duration

The dump truck course is run over 2 days.

Full fee: $2990

Training Course Packages

In today's mining industry, it pays to be multi-skilled. It's very common for operators to be prepared to safely drive various machinery as a part of their shift, so it pays to be skilled-up and ready for anything. Because of this, the course fees can vary, depending on the type of training package you're looking for.

Each package below is designed to give you maximum time behind the wheel, so you become a proficient operator as well as possess the essential safety qualifications to prepare for a job in the mines.


Dump Truck Min 2 days

Silver package

Dump Truck & Standard 11 Min 4 days

Gold package

Dump Truck & Water Truck Min 2 days

Platinum package

Dump Truck, Water Truck, Standard 11 Min 4 days


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