Mining jobs Western Australia

Mining jobs Western Australia

Types of Mining Jobs Western Australia is Currently Offering

The types of mining jobs Western Australia currently has to offer range from entry-level to management and human resources. Here are some details about the open positions and how you might qualify for them.

Shovel Operator

The power shovel is one of the pieces of heavy equipment commonly used on surface mines. The job involves using the machine to excavate or move piles of dirt, rock, sand, coal or other materials. You would need experience as a shovel operator at another mine in order to qualify for this job. Operators usually start out as laborers and move into this position with on-the-job training.

Mechanical Fitters

A mechanical fitter is a type of instrument fitter. The job involves taking measurements, monitoring temperature, pressure and flow on various types of engines and pieces of equipment. You would need an electrical license to get this kind of job. You would also need to have spent some time as an apprentice instrument fitter. Experience requirements vary from one employer to another.

Grader Operator

The grader operator is one of the types of mining jobs Western Australia employers currently have open. Like the shovel operator, the grader operator is a type of “mobile plant operator”�. A certificate I, II or III in construction, civil construction or plant construction are among the possible requirements. Also like the shovel operator, most grader operators start out as labourers and progress with on-the-job training. Two years of experience is usually needed to move directly into the job.

Dozer, Excavator and Loader Operators

Dozer, excavator and loader operators are among the other types of mobile plant operators. Many of the mining jobs Western Australia companies are currently posting are for some type of mobile plant operator. The qualifications for all of these are similar.

Haul Truck Driver

Dump and haul trucks are used in nearly all mines in WA. These are very large trucks (CAT, Hitachi, Komatsu, DAC, Terex and Belaz)� in many cases and are not usually driven on the highway. They carry material from one part of the job site to another. The qualification necessary to drive a dump/haul truck is a RIIMP0311A Conduct Haul Truck Operations certificate. A HR (heavy rigid) licence is a helpful qualification also if you are looking for a haul truck job in WA. Most employers look for experienced drivers and require some type of physical exam and written before being employed.

This is just a sample of the many mining jobs Western Australia currently has to offer. While most of the jobs listed here require some experience, employers hire people with no experience for entry-level jobs such as labourers. Whether you are experienced or not, with commitment and persistence, you should be able to find a job in one of Australia`s mines.